UK: Most People Don’t Want the Lockdown to End Because They’re Very, Very Scared of the Flu

“Any sneezing incident to report, citizen?”

By making people scared of the flu, governments can now go full mass surveillance police state while the population cheers.

Because we wouldn’t want someone to catch a fever, would we?

Daily Mail:

Members of the public do not want the lockdown eased as they are ‘very, very worried’ about coronavirus government ministers are advised, as they prepare to make a decision over extending the lockdown next week.

Research carried out by both independent and government sources has determined that the public’s attitude towards the lockdown measures are positive.

Polling data from YouGov found that nine in ten people are complying with the restrictions imposed on March 23, and only leaving their house once a day if necessary.

While a survey carried out by Imperial College London’s Institute of Global Health Innovation and YouGov found that 62 percent of people have adhered to social distancing, keeping two meters away from anyone not in their household.

However a worrying nine percent said they had been in contact with ten or more individuals a week during the lockdown designed to minimise spread through contact.

When leaving their homes only half of people said that they avoided touching door handles or lift buttons – however people were found to wash their hands around 12 times a day on average.

A source told The Times: ‘The public are just not in a place to talk about returning to normal at the moment. They are scared and they are very, very worried.’

Another source suggested that the polling and survey research carried out showed that the public were widely ‘accepting’ of the stay-at-home approach despite the economic implications for many.

The decision as to whether lockdown will be extended is due to be made next week with government advisors set to meet to discuss how effective the lockdown has been on reducing infection rates and hospital admissions.

They will also consider how many people are likely to have already recovered from the virus, and whether they can be deemed ‘immune’.

Of course people are scared and very, very worried.

There’s an incessant bombardment of sensationalist stories about people dying of “coronavirus” by the media and the government is acting as if this so-called pandemic were a zombie apocalypse.

Fear has proven to be the most effective persuasion tool to get the population to comply.

From now on, there won’t be any conversations, debates, arguments, or discussions.

The only thing needed to get someone to agree with you is to infect them with some kind of nosophobic mind virus.

Pictured: full body flu armor.