UK: Most Immigrants Ever in History

“Let us in, we’re late for enrollment and we’re gonna get crappy electives…!”

Remember that time that Britain had a vote to exit the EU, and a majority of people voted to leave specifically because they were sick of so many immigrants?

Then do you remember when Boris Johnson was the guy who pushed for it the hardest, and then he became Prime Minister and he was supposed to enact the policies that people voted for after 3 years of total stagnation?

Neither do I.

Evening Standard:

A surge in the number of students arriving from China and India has pushed migration into the UK from outside Europe to its highest ever level, official figures revealed today.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said 404,000 people from outside the European Union moved to the UK in 2019. Only 122,000 left, giving a net inflow of 282,000 people.

More Europeans also arrived than left, with 196,000 EU arrivals during 2019 against 147,000 going home, giving a net inflow of 49,000, despite fears of an exodus after the Brexit vote.

The combination of inflows from Europe and other parts of the world and an outflow of 60,000 Britons meant that overall net migration stood at 270,000 during 2019. The ONS said that was broadly “stable” in comparison to recent years, although it remains high by historic standards.

But the key trend was a decline in immigration for work and a rise in those arriving to study —some 120,000 from China and 49,000 from India.

The overall number of non-Europeans coming to study at British universities last year was the highest on record.

The lockdown hoax should probably slow down immigration to some extent, although there are still thousands of people flying in every day and not even being required to quarantine.

The good news and the bad news are the same piece of news: you won’t know how many immigrants there are, because you’ll be locked in your house.

Anyway – the plan is to establish this global order of mass surveillance and then implanted microchips, then they’re going to go full on with the open borders and the New World Order. You’re witnessing it being built.

You’d best start believing in Biblical end times prophecies – you’re in one.

We need to organize, we need to resist, because none of this is going away. Even if we’re all destined to become outlaws living on the run from the 666 microchippers, we need to get together for the purpose of establishing networking so we’ll know who to hook up with when we go underground.

Get to the PROTESTS!

And Britons – you need to arrange PROTESTS! Just put them on Facebook and go – people will come.

Everyone has had enough…!