UK: Moslems Allowed to Rape, Torture and Kill as Part of Official MI5 Policy

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2018


knew something fishy was going down in the UK.

And not just the fish en’ chippies.


MI5 informants have been granted legal cover to commit crimes within the UK that may include murder, a tribunal into British security services’ alleged criminality has heard.

The policy, allegedly in place since the early 1990s, would potentially allow the Security Service to authorize participation in “murder, torture, sexual assault or other grave criminality” if they believed it was in the public interest, claimed Ben Jaffey QC, representing an alliance of human rights groups.

Speaking to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), Thursday, Jaffey, argued that the practice has enabled British security services to conceal widespread illegal activity from both agents and informants within the UK.

Known within intelligence circles as ‘the third direction,’ the policy was acknowledged for the first time in a British court when Jaffrey’s clients, including Privacy International and Reprieve, claimed that the practice was unlawful on human rights grounds.

Look. This is about Moslems. It’s about foreign meddling. And it’s about Israel.

In fact, there is a kernel of “logic” and “reason” behind what the UK is doing.

Sort of. From their point of view.

This is a case where the agencies are able to self-grant themselves a practical immunity from the criminal law,” Jaffrey argued.

The policy would have been in place when MI5 agents were active in Northern Ireland, which in the early 90s was still witnessing The Troubles, a low-level sectarian war.

The UK government’s official guidelines state that there is no immunity from prosecution for agents who participate in criminality. Despite this, Jaffrey said that police and prosecutors were unaware of the details of the crime due to the secrecy of the policy.

The revelation is the latest embarrassment for the government during the IPT tribunal, a similar policy – the so-called ‘James Bond clause’ – was exposed earlier in the proceedings.

Following the hearing, Maya Foa, director of Reprieve, said: “We want to know if it’s government policy to let MI5 agents get away with serious crimes such as torture and murder.” She urged the government, if this is their policy, to “inform MPs and the public, and open the policy to legal and parliamentary scrutiny.”

If you want to continue meddling in the Middle East and toppling governments and Arab strongmen that Israel doesn’t like, it helps to have spies and agents that you can use at your fingertips.

Take Libya and Ghadaffi.

The British government sent its Moslems to Libya to fight and eventually topple Ghadaffi. Mission accomplished.

If you use their logic and you understand what their goals are, it makes perfect sense what the UK government is doing. 

From our point of view, it’s like the UK top people have gone insane. And they have.

But they’ve also got an aggressive foreign policy agenda.

So it’s not just Political Correctness that keeps these Moslem psychopaths safe from the law in the UK. It’s the intelligence agencies giving them a carte blanche to do what they want to the local Britons because they want to use these savages in middle-eastern adventures.

What’re a few tens of thousands of raped British girls? Just arrest the irate fathers of these girls and suppress the media reporting on the topic and carry on, innit m8?

And funny enough, the US does the same shit. Why were all these Taliban fighters, Chechen jihadis and Iraqi Al-Qaeda in the US – you know, the ones that eventually went berserk and killed some people?


The CIAniggers wanted to use them in Afghanistan against the Soviets, in the Caucasus against the Russians and in Iraq against Saddam.

It’s the same reason that the exiled Shah’s family is living in Potomac and Beverly Hills.

When they eventually do a colored revolution in Iran, they want these guys… well, maybe not the clowns in the show, but the Persian cadres, in general, to be able to run an occupation government.

Or, why are all these Cuban drug-dealers tolerated in Florida?

Again. Repeat after me. The CIAniggers wanted to overthrow somebody and install a new occupation government with infiltrated cadres. In this case, Castro and the Cubans.

At some point, America decided to just have a little piece of every single nation living within its borders, because why not? America’s got a lot of space, and America’s interests suddenly became global.

Having the ability to train spies, and a whole new occupation government to replace the toppled one seemed like a good idea.

The UK clearly thought that this was a good idea as well.

If the local Brits have to suffer to make sure Israel remains safe, then so be it. t. MI5 and MI6 and the CIAniggers.