UK: Moslem Swine Whines About Job Discrimination

Daily Stormer
January 18, 2017

Who would even hire these people?

How can we even expect these Moslems to pay for our pensions, while we refuse to give them jobs and and education?

Unless we dedicate all of the state’s resources to bring these filthy savages up to our level, Europe has no future.

How bad are we talking about?

Pensions so low, they shouldn’t even be possible.

Economic Times:

Muslim job-seekers in the UK are disadvantaged, the British government has acknowledged after Muslims were found to be facing significant pay gaps compared with those who identify as Christian.

The Government Equalities Office (GEO) has published its response to last year’s hard-hitting report by the women and equalities select committee on employment opportunities for Muslims, the Evening Standard reported.

Britain’s 2.7 million Muslims were found to have the highest levels of disadvantage in finding work and face significant pay gaps compared with those who identify as Christian.


What could be the cause of such a thing? Why would Moslems be discriminated against?

Could it be that they’re mind-boggingly stupid?

IQ by country.

Or is it just that they’re mindless, violent savages?


The GEO accepted a “lack of comprehensive data” is hindering progress in getting more Muslim people into higher education, which in turn has an impact on their chances of employment.

It said more could be done to raise awareness among employers about workplace discrimination and it also accepted that informal recruitment practices mean bias may not always be “picked up”.

The Government said it will not come up with a specific plan to tackle workplace inequality for Muslims, despite this being one of the report’s recommendations.

While we’re being invaded, while our women are getting raped, our men slaughtered on the streets, our way of life attacked from every angle, the state is bending over backwards to accommodate the invaders.

He just needed better job and education opportunities.

Meanwhile, the only men who have the guts to fight back against this invasion are declared “terrorists” and banned.

There is only one word strong enough to describe this: treason.

And there’s only one penalty strong enough for treason: death.

All of it done according to the legal rules of due process, of course.