UK: Moslem Friend of Terrorist Ringleader Jailed for Laughably Short Term

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 24, 2017

Taha Hussain

This guy constantly spoke about how to go about committing terrorist attacks, was connected with the ringleader who organized an attack, told people how to go to Syria to join ISIS and make bombs.

But he said he has abandoned the radical path so he only needs less than a 5 year prison sentence as punishment – let’s not be unreasonable.


A young Isis fanatic who filmed himself mocking “baby butchers of the Muslims” as he drove past a British Army barracks has been jailed for four and a half years.

He was a friend of Khuram Butt, the ringleader of the London Bridge terror attack. Now, he has been convicted of seven counts of disseminating terror documents via social media.

Taha Hussain was 19 when he began sharing videos and audio files on social media attempting to justify the Charlie Hebdo and Paris attacks, as well as offering advice to those contemplating going to Syria, Kingston Crown Court heard during sentencing.

In 2015, a night after the Paris terror attacks, Hussain filmed himself driving past Windsor Castle and Victoria Barracks, home of the Coldstream Guards, shouting “Allahu akhbar” and “burn in hell”.

In June last year, Hussain also made a drive-by video around the area of Cavalry Barracks in Hounslow, where the 1st Battalion Irish Guards are based. In a hate-filled commentary, he was allegedly heard to say: “We are outside the British Barracks today, as you can see: the baby butchers of the Muslims.”

Security sources told Sky News that had Hussain not been arrested before the London Bridge attack, it is “perfectly conceivable he’d have gone on to play a part in that attack”.

He went into detail about who should be attacked – such as public officials – and how to kill them efficiently with a knife or a basic explosive device, the court heard.

Hussain was found guilty in July of seven charges of disseminating terror documents on YouTube, WhatsApp and Telegram apps.

“The advice includes waiting a few months to try again, stealing from the ‘kuffar’, and most pertinently to the events that we have endured this year, killing local kuffar in their own land.”

The judge read an extract from the chapter which said “a kitchen knife” would be sufficient “to send a kuffar to the hereafter”, adding that a petrol bomb would be “easy” to make and deploy.

The jury rejected the defence Hussain did not understand the content, or that he did not look at the videos he was sharing.

The judge added: “I accept that your immaturity, and joining a group that you believed gave you a purpose, were major factors in becoming involved in these offences.

“You say that you have now learnt to respect others and to respect authority, and have expressed a willingness to embark upon a de-radicalisation programme whilst remaining within the Islamic faith.

“You have severed contact with your past associates and appear committed to abandoning the radical path.

“Whilst I can hope that these sentiments are genuine, I cannot ignore the fact that it was only two months ago that you were contesting these matters, and that calls into question whether the remorse is genuine.”

“Oh yes I have abandoned my radical path durka durka!”

Meanwhile, a guy is facing a year in prison for making a video of him teaching his dog to Heil Hitler.