UK: More Muslims on Trial for Running Child Rape Ring

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2013

The usual suspects.
The usual suspects.

It’s another day and we have another case of Muslim immigrants in the UK enriching the culture by running child prostitution rings.  In this case, four men and four teenage boys ran a ring involving five British girls aged 12 and 13, who they used as toys, selling them at parties so they could buy drugs and alcohol and using violence against them if they refused to comply.

Apparently, their welfare money isn’t enough.  Maybe England should give them more tax payer money, and they will stop doing this.  The important thing is that we make sure more of them come into the UK, as that will help the culture by making it more enriched, and this is the only way Europe can survive.

At least one of the girls was mentally handicapped.

How many times can your heart be broken, reading this stuff?

The only way to keep from losing your mind is to embrace the anger.  Anger at the filthy subhuman savages who have invaded the sacred lands of our ancestors and do this to our people – to our children! – and anger at the Jews who are leading them in.

The BBC reports:

The case came to light when one of the alleged victims was taken into care and told her social worker she had been abused, jurors at the Old Bailey heard.

She and the other four complainants come from Peterborough.

The gang, who all lived at addresses in the city, deny a total of 57 counts of abuse, including rape.

Zdeno Mirga, 18, his brother Dusan, 20; Hassan Abdulla, 32; David Ziga, 19; two 17-year-old boys and two 14-year-old boys are on trial.

The alleged abuse happened between April and December last year.


One of the girls, a 13-year-old known as “Victim A”, said she was raped in a park in the town and made to have sex with several other men in the following months.

The court was told the girl had severe learning difficulties.

She described Zdeno Mirga, known as “Skinny”, as the gang’s boss, prosecutor Angela Rafferty said.

“He encouraged her, often very forcefully indeed, to give other boys and men… sex.

“He did this using the power he had over her at the time, or threatened her and sometimes he used violence against her.

“Skinny took her to parties where she was shared around sexually,” Ms Rafferty added.

The girl told police that Zdeno Mirga “shared” her because he wanted money to buy cannabis and vodka, the court heard.

It is time to rise up, White man.

Note: If this story doesn’t appear over at Mark Glenn‘s website, it must be because he missed it.

The Daily Mail has more on this story.

Schoolgirl, 13, with learning difficulties ‘was sold for sex at £20 a time by her 18-year-old gang boss’

I can’t write about it anymore right now. I need to go for a walk.