UK: More “Experts” Now Saying Lockdowns Can’t be Lifted Until a Vaccine is Ready

Pictured: person infected with a deadly, extremely lethal and contagious “coronavirus.”

As countries continue to extend their lockdowns, the new “expert” talking point pushed by the media is that it would be better if people just stayed home until a vaccine is ready — which could take anywhere from months to years.

Daily Mail:

The UK’s lockdown could rumble on for months because the country has no idea how many people are truly infected with the coronavirus and none of the tools to end the outbreak, experts say.

Scientists in Britain say it won’t be safe for the UK to emerge from its current state until it can be sure labs are able to test people en masse to use antibody tests to work out how many people have had the infection already, or a vaccine or treatment can be developed.

Scientists and experts widely believe large-scale reliable testing for the coronavirus will be key for getting Britain out of its lockdown.

Asked whether the UK could come out of lockdown without rapid mass-testing available, Professor Paul Hunter, an epidemiologist at the University of East Anglia, said: ‘We can but whether it would be wise to do it would be another question.’

Professor Paul Hunter

A vaccine is potentially even further away – scientists working on the holy grail say it may take 18 months before one is ready.

Oxford University researchers earlier this week claimed that one could be ready by autumn, just in time for an expected second wave of COVID-19 in the UK.

Professor Ferguson painted a very clear picture earlier this month, saying: ‘The only exit strategy from this long term is vaccination.’ 

Other scientists agree that waiting until a vaccine becomes available is one of the most sensible options to ending the lockdown.

Professor Neil Ferguson

Ending or loosening quarantine too soon would risk leaving Britain vulnerable to another outbreak of the exact same severity.

Professor Hunter did say, however, it was possible that social distancing rules could be relaxed if a drug is proven to fight the illness.

People are already tired of the lockdown, and they’ll be even more tired as weeks continue to pass — so tired, in fact, that telling them that they have to be injected with a vaccine in order to go back to normal life will sound like a dream come true to many.

All of these “experts” talking about lockdown safety, testing, and vaccines should be regarded as absolute clowns by now.


We know that coronavirus is literally just the flu.

There is nothing to fear. Acting normal instead of panicking would have yielded just another flu season, and people would still have their jobs and the economy would still be running.

“Uh… at least people are vaccinated.”

Researchers are saying that there could be way more people infected with “coronavirus” than reported, which means that the death rate is even lower than official figures report and that most cases are asymptomatic or mild enough for people not to seek medical attention.

This lockdown crisis is a truly remarkable display of human stupidity.