UK: Minister Again Falsely Claims QR Code Vaccine Passport Won’t be Required to Enter Pubs

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.


UK Housing Minister Robert Jenrick has rejected reports that the government is planning to force pubs to require patrons to show proof of a Covid vaccine before entering their establishment.

The denial came a day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson sparked concerns about the planned measure, after telling MPs during a discussion about post-lockdown restrictions that the “concept of vaccine certification should not be totally alien to us.”

Walking back the prime minister’s remarks, the housing minister said “we don’t have an immediate plan” to introduce vaccination checks as lockdown measures ease, stating that the government is “being guided by the best medical and scientific opinion.”

While Jenrick did not rule out vaccination checks in future, as the government is “considering a whole range of things” and weighing “ethical concerns,” he was clear that any such measures would not be in place by May 17, when most restrictions are set to be removed.

Look – everyone who knows anything about what is going on knows that the plan is to follow the Israel model, and to establish a vaccine “green pass” that is necessary to do anything in society, including buy food.

This will not only be tied to the one vaccine, but you will have to have a continually updated “green pass” to show that you’ve gotten all the necessary vaccines, which is going to be dozens and eventually hundreds.

This is a pre-planned thing. It’s all laid out. There is no situation of ministers making decisions on the fly. There is a plan written out by the likes of Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum.

Britain already told people they’re not allowed to leave the country, which was something they had previously said they wouldn’t do.

Now, there’s a new strain that the Jews say the current round of vaccines don’t work against, so you’re going to see a whole other redo of the original lockdown and a push for a new vaccine. Slowly, more and more draconian measures are going to be slid in, and none of them are ever going to go away.

There is no pandemic. There never was a pandemic. This was always just the flu, and it was always being used not to save public health, but to force through a totally new type of society.

If it was about public health, then we never would have had a lockdown in the first place, because there was no pandemic. Up until this point, we’ve been given zero evidence that there is or ever was a pandemic. It was all theoretical.

What we have repeatedly seen, instead, is evidence that the claims of a pandemic were falsified by the government, and that deaths that were unrelated to any respiratory infection were included in the “covid 19” death toll.

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This is all a hoax.

You can’t believe anything these people say about anything, all you can do is look at the long term agenda. The long term agenda is to create a global government, which does not have any form of “democratic process” and is instead run by a council of immortal cyborgs.

It’s basically a mix between Metal Gear Solid and a gay porno.