UK: Military Intelligence Running a Psychological Operation on the Public to Convince Them to Take Vaccine

The British government is deploying military intelligence to run psychological operations against the British public to convince them to take the coronavirus vaccine, a new report from the Sunday Times reveals.

The Sunday Times is behind an impenetrable paywall that prevents anyone who isn’t willing to pay $13 a month from reading it.

I’ve often thought about getting a subscription myself, given my position here and given that they so often print exclusives that don’t even get written up in other papers. Frankly, it’s almost like they want to restrict some of this information to an elite class that knows to pay this money for elite information.

I’ve never bothered to pay it because I’ve been kicked out of the banking system, and paying things that require a visa card is always a massive task. That said, I would have figured it out by now if the Russians didn’t have my back.


According to a report in the Sunday Times, ministers are preparing to launch a massive public information campaign to convince people to take the jab. Behind the scenes, however, the Times reported that the British Army has mobilized the 77th Brigade’s Defence Cultural Specialist Unit to monitor and counter “online propaganda against vaccines.”

The unit was formed in 2010 and worked alongside psychological operations teams in Afghanistan, studying the behavior of the civilian population and giving cultural and linguistic advice to ground troops, according to the brigade’s own website. However, according to a number of media reports, the unit counts at least one Twitter executive among its ranks, and is said to create and manage fake social media profiles to shape public opinion.

The media discovered that the 77th Brigade’s speciality, according to a plaque on the wall of its Berkshire base, is creating “behavioural change.”

With the rollout of a vaccine imminent, the unit is “already monitoring cyberspace for Covid-19 content and analysing how British citizens are being targeted online,” according to the Times.

The Times’ report does not detail exactly how the unit will fight back against anti-vaxx content, or even what kind of content will be targeted. A Ministry of Defence spokesperson told the Times that the brigade’s efforts are “not being directed at the UK population,” and leaked documents reportedly suggest that its strategy includes “gathering evidence of vaccine disinformation from hostile states, including Russia.”

As we know, the entire concept of “Russian disinformation” has been exposed as a hoax. Whenever Western governments claim that Russians are spreading disinformation on the internet, what they are actually doing is classifying their own population as enemy combatants in the infowar.

Ordering military intelligence to run a psychological operation on the domestic population should be something frightening no matter the context. Within the context of this vaccine, however, that fright becomes amplified exponentially.

Many people have suggested that this vaccine amounts to some form of biological warfare against the population. Of course, we don’t know that, because we don’t know anything. We don’t know anything, because we’re not allowed to discuss it, and if we attempt to discuss it, we apparently get hit with military intelligence psy-ops.

What we do know is this: the coronavirus isn’t and has never been a serious threat. The government has consistently lied about the virus. We have very little accurate information about the virus, but what we know as a matter of fact is that the total death count of 2020 is not increased significantly over the total death count of any other year, meaning that people that are dying from this disease would have died from something else. This fact was recently admitted in a publication from Johns Hopkins University.

What that means is that all of these measures to ostensibly restrict the spread of the virus were not actually about restricting the spread of the virus. The measures, we now understand, were part of a totally unrelated social engineering program, relating to a global government agenda.

The government has used this lockdown to:

  • Completely define the role of government in our lives
  • Strip us of virtually all of our most basic freedoms
  • Transfer billions of dollars from the middle class to billionaires
  • Completely destroy the concept of small businesses by closing them down and transferring their share of the economy to multinational corporations

Not one single element of this program has related to public health.

As I’ve said six million times, if the government cared about our health, they would regulate the food industry, given that most deaths in America and Britain are in some way tied to diet.

But they don’t care about our health. Our governments are run by brutal lunatics.

Millions of people are going to die as a result of this lockdown, and the same cannot be said of coronavirus. Many of those who survive will be wishing they hadn’t, as we enter into a dystopian nightmare of a tyrannical government, backed by an ultra-wealthy elite, ruling over a huddled mass of penniless peasants.

I’m very concerned about the scientific data I’ve read regarding the coronavirus vaccine. It is an entirely new type of vaccine, categorized as an mRNA vaccine. The vaccine enters your bloodstream and overrides your messenger RNA, sending messages to the cells to produce a protein that the scientists claim will help you build immunities to the coronavirus. I’m very uncomfortable with all of this, in any context, given that there are so many obvious problems, even to a layman, that could come up during the process of manipulating the body on a genetic level like this.

Even if this was a genuine plague that as a young, healthy person I was at some risk of dying from, I would have questions about this vaccine, and I would be extremely put off if the government told me I couldn’t ask any questions about it, and then proceeded to use military intelligence to prevent me from asking questions.

However, I already know as a matter of fact, and the official government health bodies have already admitted, that I am not at risk of experiencing complications from this virus. So I have to ask why it is that they are demanding that I take it.

I don’t know the answer. No one does.

However, what we do know is that every single thing that the government has done in the name of fighting this coronavirus has been explicitly designed to hurt us. This is now indisputable, and anyone who does dispute it is either a witless peasant or they are lying to you on purpose. Given that, I would say that it is a pretty fair bet that this virus is also designed to hurt us.

Involving military intelligence in efforts to convince me to take it does not make the vaccine appear any less sinister.

Ultimately, it will be up to every individual whether they decide to be injected with this mysterious substance. I know where I stand: they’re going to have to inject me with hot lead before they inject me with this vaccine.