UK: Men Who Say They are Women SHOULD be Allowed to Compete in Female Sports, Says Taxpayer-Funded Quango

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2019

If we want to start fixing our countries and the planet, we have to remove the rights of women and stop with the whole Equality thing.

What if we didn’t have to push for it though?

What if we could make women rage-quit Equality and go back to the kitchen on their own?

The reason women are okay with the current way our society works is because there’s plenty of safety valves in place to ensure their privilege over men. This is disguised as “equality” and it is an illusion.

If we can break the illusion and humiliate them with our evil biological male privilege, they’ll just give up and stop trying.

In order to do that, we have to break the safety nets that hide the power difference between men and women.

This is a remarkably good opportunity to start doing that.

Daily Mail:

Transgender women who were born male should be allowed to compete in female-only sports events without medical checks, according to a group receiving taxpayers’ money to run training sessions for national sporting bodies.

Sport England, a quango that oversees grassroots sport, has paid £26,000 to controversial trans lobby group Gendered Intelligence to deliver the sessions to sports associations.

Critics last night accused Sport England of introducing new gender policies through Gendered Intelligence. It is due to clarify its official guidance on trans women later this year.

The controversy comes as male-born trans athletes dominate some women’s sport, including Canadian cyclist Rachel McKinnon, who won a second world title in Manchester last weekend.

One training document produced by Gendered Intelligence – and seen by The Mail on Sunday – urges sporting bodies to ‘challenge’ the idea that trans women who were born male have an ‘unfair advantage’ when they compete against biological women.

At present, trans women must undergo tests to prove they have been taking hormone-blocking drugs to reduce their testosterone levels before competing in women’s sport.

But the document, entitled ‘A Social Inclusion Model for Trans People in Sport’, asks: ‘Why are we worrying about what medical intervention they may or may not have had? They are a woman, within women’s parameters.’

We didn’t start this “gender” insanity, but we can and should take advantage of it.

Men shouldn’t be required to do anything to their hormones in order to compete in women’s sports because being a woman is much more than just what balance of hormones you have — it is who you are, your identity, your mind, your feelings, it is who you’ve always felt yourself to be.

This should be the new talking point to push.

We have to get everyday men to crush women in women’s sports. Any sport, but preferably those where there’s physical contact between players of the opposite team.

No hormone treatment required. No wig required. No hair length requirement. No special clothing required.

Gender is fluid.

Anything can be female.

They can’t tell us what a woman looks like or what a woman should look like.

We’re all women now.

Gendered Intelligence, which registered as a charity earlier this year, claims to have delivered trans training sessions to more than 16,000 people.

Its sport seminars, which have been running since April, claim there is an ‘irrational fear’ of biological males pretending to be trans women to cheat in sport.

It adds that sports need to move from an ‘exclusive’ model where trans athletes have to provide medical evidence before competing in their chosen gender category to an ‘inclusive’ model that ‘assumes everyone can play unless there is a clear, objective reason for them to be excluded’.

Cathy Devine, a specialist in sport policy for women, said the advice delivered by Gendered Intelligence may be in breach of the law.

She said: ‘The Equality Act says that people with the protected characteristic of “gender reassignment” can be excluded from female sport categories for the purposes of fairness and safety.’

A number of athletes have expressed concerns about the inclusion of trans women athletes, arguing it is unfair to other competitors.

British cyclist Victoria Hood said: ‘The science is clear and it’s obvious to anyone that trans women have an advantage over women.

‘All of the governing bodies are terrified of a small, aggressive group of people. For taxpayers to be paying for these training sessions is ludicrous.’

Saying that the science is clear on trans women having an advantage over women is like saying that men are smarter than women or better suited for some tasks compared to women. That is a backward, patriarchal idea.

We have Progress now. We have Equality and Empowerment.

They asked for this.

Now they will have it.