UK: Men Pretending to be Women Get Their First Exclusive Prison Wing

Daily Stormer
March 6, 2019

Living like canned sardines in a nuclear wasteland doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

Because just not pretending that these freaks are women was too simple…


Britain will open Europe’s first transgender prison wing this week, after sexual assaults at women’s jails by male inmates who ‘identified’ as female.

Isn’t this discriminatory against dykes or something?

Three offenders who were born male but have since legally changed gender will be the first inmates housed at the new unit, which The Times reports will be situated at Downview prison in a building previously named after the Victorian-era feminist, Josephine Butler.

Downview’s 320 women inmates have reportedly felt “significant concern” over plans to introduce male-bodied offenders to the facility, with convicted sex offenders making up almost 50 per cent of the transgender prison population in England and Wales.

The move comes after biological male offender Karen White, who was jailed for multiple violent rapes, sexually assaulted multiple female inmates within weeks of being sent to a women’s prison.

Oh wow, that was totally unexpected.

Nobody could’ve predicted that men who want to mutilate their bodies to look like a parody of women might end up doing stuff like this.

Karen White is not the only case in which a male-bodied, transgender, convicted sex offender in Britain has been accused of sexually assaulting female inmates after transfer to a women’s jail, while doctors and governors have warned of “a plethora of prison intelligence suggesting” a “driving force” for some male offenders identifying as the opposite sex was “a desire to make subsequent sexual offending very much easier”.

The move was “cautiously welcomed” by feminist campaign group Fair Play for Women, which has sounded the alarm over the threat to women-only spaces such as jails and changing rooms they say is posed by government plans to allow men to “self-identify” as the opposite sex with minimal red tape and no medical checks.

Notice how men aren’t worried about women pretending to be men ending up in men’s prisons, and that women pretending to be men aren’t very eager to end up in men’s prisons either.

It’s almost like biology is a real thing that actually exists.

Transgender activists, however, expressed fury over the development on Twitter, with one campaigner branding the new prison wing an equality laws-breaching “ghetto”, while another likened the situation to yellow star badges issued to Jews by National Socialist German authorities during wartime.

I’ll admit, I want all these trannies rounded up and turned into detergent, but even I don’t hate them so much as to compare them to Jews.

If nothing else, at least trannies are slightly less likely to suck blood out of baby dicks than kikes are.

A large proportion of activists’ ire was focused on alleging the decision sends the “shocking” and “bigoted” message that there are differences between female-identifying transgender people and biological women, with one user lamenting that the move to create a separate jail “is just heartbreaking and awful regardless of what these women were accused of”.

Imagine being this insane… Actually, don’t, it might fuck your head up.