UK: Massive Internet Clamp-Down Announced

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2013

"Bend over, goyim.  It's time to get Jewed." -David Cameron speaking to the British people on his plan to protect them from free speech
“Bend over, goyim. It’s time to get Jewed.” -David Cameron speaking to the British people on his plan to protect them from free speech

As predicted by everyone who knows anything about anything, Jewish Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, has announced that the porno filters to be added to the internet will also be used to block all political dissent.

Framed as a measure to subvert radical Muslims, it is in fact designed to attack those who stand against radical Muslims (all Muslims are radical) – that is,me and you.

From the Daily Mail:

Preachers of hate are to be ‘silenced’ with new anti-terror orders based on a dramatically tightened definition of extremism and attempts to block their bile on the internet.

The Government is to introduce new civil powers, similar to those used against anti-social behaviour, to target extremists who radicalise others.

They are expected to be used to bar people from preaching messages of terror and hate, associating with named individuals thought vulnerable to radicalisation, and from entering specific venues, such as mosques or community halls.


‘I want to see an end to hate preaching in Britain,’ the Prime Minister said.

Oh, do you, Davey? Why don’t you simply stop allowing Muslims in Britain then, as the British people are demanding? Wouldn’t that completely and totally solve the problem, removing any need to limit the fundamental rights of the British people?

As well as new civil orders against extremists – dubbed ‘Tebos’, or terror and extremism behaviour orders – the Government is to consider the case for another new type of order to ban groups which ‘seek to undermine democracy or use hate speech, when necessary to protect the public or prevent crime and disorder’.

Ah, there we are. ‘Hate speech.’ This has nothing to do with Muslims. It is a clamp-down on Antisemites and anti-immigrant activists.

Controversially, both types of order are to be based on a new definition of extremism which specifically includes a ‘distorted interpretation of Islam’.

It identifies Islamist extremism as a distinct ideology which should not be confused with traditional religious practice. This ‘distorted’ view argues for a global Islamic state and against ‘liberal values such as democracy, the rule of law and equality’, and tells people they cannot be both Muslim and British.

That is just plain gibberish. Have you read the Koran, Davey? The entire premise of the religion is to conquer the world and make everyone in it a Muslim. That is its foundational principle.

These people are tricky, are they not? David Cameron and his Jewish kinsmen are using the growing hatred of the invading Islamic hordes of rapist murderers in Britain as a sneaky way to attack those standing in opposition to these Muslim hordes.

Family-friendly filters being made standard for web users to block porn will also be expanded to block extremist material, allowing concerned families and institutions to filter out such websites.

Yes, just as we knew from the start – why would a Jew like Cameron care about blocking his own race’s vile porno – this porno-blocking plan was a smokescreen to crack down on Antisemitism.

My hope is the British people will stand up against this.  But as they are unwilling to even stand up against the impending gypsy invasion, I will not be holding my breath.

Meanwhile, in America, we are going to keep hitting these Jews like a freight train thanks to our First Amendment which the Jews have yet to break through.

Come try and block 'hate speech' in America, Jews.  I dare you.
Come try and block ‘hate speech’ in America, Jews. I dare you.

Hail Patrick Henry!