UK: Manchester Bomber Built Bomb with Mother’s Welfare

Daily Stormer
February 13, 2020

Part and parcel of living under ZOG

Why was she getting welfare when she wasn’t even living in the country?

Why was she getting welfare at all?

Why were she and her disgusting brood ever allowed to even set foot in Europe?

So many questions, and absolutely no answers…


The Manchester Arena bomber used government benefits provided to his mother to purchase bomb-making equipment, a jury heard at the Old Bailey in London.

In the trial of the Manchester bomber’s brother, Hashem Abedi, the court heard that the pair’s mother, Samia Abedi, was receiving over £2,000 a month in government benefits and that her bank card was used to purchase an industrial battery and other bomb-making equipment.

The welfare payments of about £550 per week continued to pour into Ms Abedi’s account until May 19th in 2017, just three days before the attack on the Manchester Arena that left 22 people dead, reports The Telegraph. The court also heard that the Islamist’s mother continued to receive the welfare payments even after she had left the United Kingdom for Libya.

The bomber himself, Salman Abedi, received £3,260 in January of 2017 from the government from the state-backed Student Loans Company. The jihadist reported that he had lost his bank card and reported fraud after a series of £790, £710, £800, and £700 withdrawals were made on the 23rd of January.

What was she getting welfare for?

Just being a brown parasite?

By the way: why aren’t all of you reading this taking every form of welfare you can find?

I understand it can feel a little embarrassing, but you’re living under a foreign occupation – you have to do whatever you can.

Your government does nothing with any taxes they get other than give it to people who want to hurt you or just waste it, so you should try to find some way to make up for that.

And while you’re at it, donate some of it to the Stormer, for telling you to do it.

The jury in the case also heard from Alharth Forjani, the cousin of Salman and Hashem Abedi, who said that he had helped Hashem purchase a chemical used in making explosives from Amazon, saying that “I trusted him”, but that later he thought the chemical might be used to make a bomb.

“I think that he believes in terrorism, that’s what I thought,” Forjani said of Hashem per the BBC.

Hashem Abedi, the brother of the suicide bomber, has denied involvement in the attack on the Manchester Arena in which 22 people were killed and hundreds more were left injured after his jihadist brother detonated a large explosive device in the auditorium full of young adults and children who were attending an Ariana Grande concert.

The court heard last month that the brother of the dead Islamist is just as guilty for the act of terror that inflicted psychological and physical trauma on at least 1,000 people.

“The surviving brother is just as responsible for the crimes which resulted in so much death, serious injury and damage following the detonation of the bomb on the 22 May 2017 as his brother… The defendant through his conduct encouraged and assisted his brother Salman to carry out the attack,” said the prosecutor in the case.

If the UK had a real justice system, these creatures would’ve been hanged just for setting foot in the country, and the kikes and traitors who brought them in would’ve been hanged right after, starting with those degenerates in the “royal” family.

Still, I can’t really get too mad about this, because I know the people who died did it to themselves.

Not just because all of them would’ve started screeching idiotically if anyone actually explained how to not have terrorist attacks – just don’t let Moslems in your country, and you’re good – but because they actually spent money out of their own pockets to hear some toneless mongrels sing about dick bicycles.

Just another type of terrorism

The kind of filth who thinks this is actually something worth listening to is also the same kind of filth that brings these monkeypeople to White countries in the first place, which is why I don’t feel sorry for the people who died there, even if most of them were White.

They got what they deserved, and the real tragedy is that the death toll wasn’t bigger.