UK: Man Who Flew White Lives Matter Banner Over Stadium Fired; Girlfriend Fired Too

The faces of pure evil

These people have to have their lives destroyed.

Because they’re evil.

Daily Mail:

The Burnley football fan behind the White Lives Matter banner above the Etihad stadium has been sacked from his job at an engineering firm.

Jake Hepple, 24, was dismissed from his role as a welder at Lancashire-based Paradigm Precision this afternoon, with the company saying it ‘did not condone or tolerate racism in any form’.

And his girlfriend Megan Rambadt, 21, wept after being fired from a beauty salon in the town, it was reported today.

And it’s only gonna get worse from here.

It came as Mr Hepple used an interview with MailOnline to announce he did not regret the stunt, and tried to excuse his use of the word P*** online by saying he sometimes gets ‘a bit coked up and uses offensive language’.

He said: ‘I’m not racist. I know people are trying to make out to be one but I’m not. I’ve got lots of Black and Asian friends and this banner was actually inspired by the Black Lives Movement.

‘We were not trying to offend the movement or black people. I believe that it’s also important to acknowledge that white lives matter too. That’s all we were trying to say.’

Mr Hepple, who has been given a lifetime ban from Burnley FC, had already been warned he was facing the sack, and said in response: ‘My employer, the club and so many other people have completely overreacted to what’s happened.’

No, they didn’t overreact at all.

This is just a normal thing that happens when your country is ruled by foreigners, and cucking isn’t gonna save you, nor will your “black and Asian friends,” who aren’t even your friends.

If your “friends” started squatting in your house, eating your food, stealing your stuff, beating the shit out of you and raping your girlfriend, would you still consider them “friends?”

If not, then why would you when they do it in your country?

His girlfriend Ms Rambadt, 21, also faced criticism for some of her racist social media posts and was suspended from her job as a beautician before being sacked yesterday, The Sun reported.

She had worked at Solace Foot Health & Reflexology, where Mr Hepple’s mother is listed as a director, The Sun said.

Wait, so his mother fired her?

If she did, then I’d be very pissed if I were this guy.

Meanwhile football fan Mr Hepple said police visited him at home on Tuesday night to tell him he would not face criminal charges. He said they also offered him protection should he or his family face threats in the future as a result of the banner.

He added: ‘The police told me that I haven’t committed any crime and haven’t done anything wrong.

‘In fact, they asked me if I was OK and wanted any protection, just in case people try to target me.

‘I don’t understand why I’m being treated like a criminal and believe that there has been a total over reaction to what happened. Everything has been blown out of proportion, it’s ridiculous.’

You’re treated like a criminal because you’re living in an occupied country.

There’s that old saying, probably not by Voltaire, that goes “If you want to know who your rulers are, find out who you can’t criticize.”

And in Britain today, the only group of people you can criticize at all is the one you’re a part of.

Maybe take this spare time you have now and try to find out who made it so.

You’re part of a de facto occupied population, and you’re soon to be a stateless one too, and that’s never a pleasant thing.

Maybe ask your buddy Tommy Robinson about it next time you see him.

Mr Hepple claimed responsibility for the pre-match stunt on Monday and wrote on Facebook: ‘I’d like to take this time to apologise… to absolutely f***ing nobody!’

The Suicide Squad, a group of far-right Burnley fans, are believed to have crowdfunded for the flight and its message ‘White Lives Matter Burnley’.

Mr Hepple said 60 people contributed towards the banner and the hire of the plane, which cost £600 in total.

He said organisers had offers of money from ‘hundreds’ of people who were willing to support the ‘white lives matter cause.’

Among those also believed to be behind the banner is multiple convicted football hooligan Mark Hamer, 37.

Mr Hepple, who lives at home with his mother Jill and stepfather Dave, said he only became involved after the Reading attack on Saturday.

He continued: ‘The idea for it came from a football pal of mine. He wanted to make the point that not just Black Lives Matter but so do white ones and all other ones.

‘I supported the idea and believe that it needed to be said. I still do. Then the attack happened in Reading and I thought I have to get more involved with the banner.

‘I was angry that white people had been killed and nobody was making a fuss about that.’

There is no reason to make a fuss about it because you don’t matter.

The people who run your government and your media are literally trying to exterminate you, so why would they make a fuss about a few individual killings?

It’s a good thing as far as they’re concerned.

The article from the Daily Mail is absolutely massive, with what I quoted here probably being less than 1/6.

There’s a gazillion quotes, pictures, the “event” is analyzed from every angle like it was some kind of massive planetary catastrophe that some Britcucks made a half-hearted attempt to be treated fairly by the foreigners who invaded their country and want to destroy them.

The only other articles this long that I can remember from DM are Moslem terrorist attacks, which should be a good indicator of how much the media thinks your life matters.

You and your mates should forget about cheering for some overpaid mongrel mercenaries kicking a ball around and try to figure out a way to get your country back, because this is only going to get worse.

Do you want your kids to end up like this?