UK: Man to Stand Trial for WINKING at Woman in a Pub

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 23, 2019

Dexy’s Bar in Dundee, where the abhorrent incident happened.

In the Diverse Kingdom of Unity, men who are not diverse-skinned are not supposed to wink at women.

Daily Mail:

A man is set to stand trial after he was accused of propositioning a woman by winking at her in a pub.

Grzegorz Kwiecien is accused of repeatedly winking at the woman at Dexy’s Bar in Dundee, despite her continuously rebuking his advances.

It is claimed that the 36-year-old also propositioned the woman and confronted her after he was asked to leave the premises.

He was asked to leave for winking at the woman? He should have started yelling Allah Akbar to get them off his back. The United Kingdom has no chill anymore… unless you’re a Moslem.

Then you can literally have drug-fueled sex orgies with 13-year-olds and pimp them out and the police will arrest their dads for complaining.

But this was a Polish man, and white men in the West are not supposed to have access to white women. That right is reserved for the billions of blacks and other minorities.

The perversion of our women, laws privileging women and encouraging them to ruin men’s lives, movements such as #MeToo and a myriad of other Jewish schemes are intended to discourage men from even trying, which results in even lower white birth rates.

If getting a white woman is something you’re after, you shouldn’t stop trying. All kinds of men are getting access to young white women everyday, so why shouldn’t you?

But trying doesn’t mean “be insistent,” and being insistent under our current legal frameworks can get you in trouble.

You should approach women with the intention of figuring out if they’re worth your time, because you’re the man and they’re worthless dumb front-holes. If they reject you or are rude to you in any way, you don’t have to insist, as they’d have already answered your question: not worth it.

If a woman rejects you, don’t be angry either, because she’s a dumb animal that doesn’t know any better.

Also, work on your social skills. Repeatedly winking at women and then “propositioning” after they’ve ignored your winking is likely to get you in social or legal trouble, sometimes both. Don’t wink at women.

What you think you look like when you wink at a woman:

What you actually look like when you wink at a woman:

Okay, maybe you don’t look exactly like that. But most men won’t be able to pull it off. It’s a very high level skill.

If you are a professional winker and get laid that way, then you need to be ready to pretend you’re some kind of twitching freak if your wink sends her into beast mode and she calls the cops.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.