UK Makes TV Ad Urging People Under 50 to Take Coronavirus Vaccine When Called

Join the millions already vaccinated.

Join the emotional music that gives you a feeling of social cohesiveness.

It’s an order.

When you get the call, get the jab.

HOPE is now being given away totally for free by a man who could be making a lot more money selling used cars.


The government is launching a new advertising campaign urging people under 50 years old to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Television adverts will begin from Monday showcasing health workers involved in the vaccination programme – as well as those who have already been jabbed.

The adverts will stress that the vaccination programme is a “collective effort” and are said to feature a “poignant” soundtrack.

In a bid to combat disinformation they will also encourage people to get information about the vaccine only from the NHS website and their GP, so that they can make “informed and evidence-based decisions”.

Only the government has the truth.

No government in history has ever lied to anyone.

The government isn’t just your mommy – it’s Jesus.

Health secretary Matt Hancock said: “The UK vaccination programme will go down in history as a phenomenal national effort in the battle against COVID-19.

Vaccines are helping us get back to doing the things we have missed – they protect you and those around you.

“This campaign is a remarkable and poignant reminder of everything we’ve been through as a country and everything we have to look forward to – as well as the tireless efforts of our volunteers, NHS heroes, and the British people.

Every vaccination gives us hope and I urge everyone to take up the offer of a vaccine when it comes, as we continue on the path back to normality.”

But wait – isn’t this all a lie?

The people who have already been vaccinated have not gone back to normal.

All the vaxxed still have to wear masks.

The situation is set up in a way that the government can claim, at any time, that the virus has mutated and that everyone has to go into a new lockdown to wait for the updated vaccines.

Do we really want this precedent to be set? The government can take away people’s right and tell everyone that if they want their rights back, they have to do as the government says?

They’ve taken the Old Normal hostage, and are threatening to kill it unless people comply with this vaccination insanity.

Never, in all of human history, have human beings tolerated this level of no freedom.

Not even during the height of the Red Terror in Russia did people have this little freedom.

Think of it.