UK: Lockdown Expert “Doctor” Promoting More Lockdowns is Actually a Race Activist

“Then these Bangladeshi skanks came in and started locking us down in a Jewish virus hoax” -British Man explaining the 2020s to his grandchildren in 2070

The Telegraph:

A member of Independent Sage who berated the Government on Tuesday for not delaying the easing of Covid-19 restrictions in Britain is a social scientist turned race adviser who has no medical qualifications.

Dr Zubaida Haque, a founding member of the group, specialises in racial equality and has been involved with various government-commissioned reports on welfare issues.

Baby, you can zubaida my haque anytime you like.


In an interview with Good Morning Britain, she said the Government should have stalled the latest stage of the roadmap out of lockdown.

“We didn’t pass test four – test four of the Government’s roadmap said that if we think that there’s any further risk from new variants of concern, we should stall – they completely ignored that and have gone ahead,” she said.

She went on to criticise Matt Hancock for his recent comments indicating vaccine hesitancy may be behind the rise in Covid-19 hospitalisations in Bolton, one of the Indian variant hotspots.

“This whole notion that, that at the moment, everyone’s freedom is threatened because of vaccine hesitancy groups is absolute nonsense,” Dr Haque said.

It was one of Dr Haque’s many TV interviews and newspaper columns since the pandemic began, ranging in scope from vaccine passports and the reopening of schools to financial support for low-paid workers needing to self-isolate.

However, she has no medical, clinical, virological or epidemiological qualifications.

Instead, her PhD thesis was titled: Exploring the validity and possible causes of the apparently poor performances of Bangladeshi students in British secondary schools.

Well, yeah. That’s definitely worth exploring I’m sure.

Why doesn’t this bitch go press lockdowns in Bangladesh? Why is she even here?

And what is the relationship between Islamic race activists and the lockdown, exactly?

Obviously, we understand well the way all of these agendas interlock – the intersectionality of the Jew World Order – but in her brain, why is the angry race lady calling for more extreme lockdowns?

Honestly, I don’t even know. I guess it’s just “shills gonna shill.”

But if I was a conspiracy theorist, I would guess the government sends these people out and tells them “say we’re not locking people down hard enough and we need more lockdowns.”

You know, brown women have a lot of power in our society.

Did you know that?