UK: Lockdown Could Start Getting Gradually Lifted by the End of May

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 5, 2020

“Just two more months and you may be able to have friends over for coffee again.”

Two more months of lockdown sounds like a hellish nightmare, but the media is calling that scenario “optimistic.”

In two months, there will be literally nothing left.

Basically, 50% unemployment in the Western world is beginning to look like an optimistic scenario.

Daily Mail:

Britain’s coronavirus lockdown could be eased next month if the public continues to obey social distancing, a top government scientific adviser has said.

Professor Neil Ferguson, whose modelling is guiding Downing Street’s crisis strategy, hoped some curbs could be lifted by the end of May.

The Imperial College academic warned that this would not be a return to normal life, but would relax the ban on person-to-person contact which is paralysing society and pounding the economy.

Speaking this morning to BBC Radio 4’s Today, he said: ‘I’m hopeful that in a few weeks’ time we will be able to move to a regime which – will not be normal life, let me emphasize that – but will be somewhat more relaxed in terms of social-distancing and the economy but rely more on testing.’

He said the mass roll-out of testing would be a game-changer in stemming the tide of coronavirus infections, and suggested it would allow the government to tack away from blanket social distancing.

The lockdown is going to rewire people’s brains.

There’s just no way that people who were suddenly forced to stop going to work and interacting with others are going to be able to just go back to work and act normal once this is all over.

But that’s okay, because there won’t be any jobs for them to go back to anyways and this virus psychosis isn’t going to ever end.

We may be witnessing the total NEETization of society.

The Prime Minister will review the lockdown on April 13, when he is widely expected to extend the current restrictions.

Prof Ferguson joined ministers in urging people to stay at home and revealed fresh data which recorded an 85 per cent drop in movement of people outside their households, suggesting the majority are following social distancing rules.

Last month, Prof Ferguson’s grim forecast of 250,000 deaths prompted Boris Johnson into ratcheting up social distancing measures.

Fearing the NHS would be brought to breaking point, the government enforced the lockdown to ‘flatten the curve’ of new cases so the health service is not overwhelmed by an influx in patients.

Modelling now suggests the peak in cases will spike in around 10 days, after which time the number of new patients should begin to plateau.

The scientist said the plateau will most likely be a gradual flattening of cases, rather than a sharp drop like seen in China.

Yet despite cases remaining high for ‘weeks and weeks’, he was ‘hopeful’ that some of the intense social distancing measures could be substituted with rapid access to testing and contact tracing in a few weeks’ time.

Prof Ferguson said: ‘Clearly we want to move to a situation where at least by the end of May we can substitute less intensive measures for the current lockdown we have now…

I don’t think anyone wants to lift measures at the current time and risk the epidemic getting worse… but if we see a rapid decline in cases, then of course the government will consider if they can relax those measures and modify certain measures in a way which is safe and still ensures the epidemic goes down.’

His optimistic forecast came after one of his colleagues on the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), Professor Graham Medley, warned that the lockdown had pinned Britain ‘into a corner’ with no obvious escape route.

There is no epidemic. It’s just the flu. But going along with their delusion for a moment: there’s no vaccine either.

So what are they going to do?

Keep everyone locked up forever?