UK: Leftists Demand Their Country Give Reparations to Afghanistan

Most of the UK taxpayer’s money is going to non-whites one way or another, so it should at least go to the based ones like the Taliban.

I don’t understand why Breitbart is against this.


Far-left Labour MP Richard Burgon has backed calls for the UK to pay war reparations to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, echoing demands from socialist front group the Stop the War Coalition.

On Tuesday, the Labour MP for East Leeds, Richard Burgon, said there “is no military solution in Afghanistan”, adding that “the focus now should be on reparations and supporting refugees.”

“The crisis in Afghanistan is the result of 20 years of disastrous military intervention. Just as in Iraq & Libya, backing US-led invasions led to a huge loss of life,” the Secretary of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs continued.

The call for reparations from Burgon comes just days after the Socialist Workers Party front group Stop the War Coalition, which Burgon supports, called on the UK to offer a generous “refugee programme and reparations to rebuild Afghanistan”.

I was on board until he mentioned the refugees

The far-left group went on to say that reparations would “go a great deal further in advancing the rights of the Afghan people, women in particular, then continued military or economic intervention in the fate of the [sic] Afghanistan.”

Burgon, like the Stop the War Coalition, failed to elaborate as to whom reparations would be paid in Afghanistan, which is now largely controlled by the radical Islamist Taliban faction after the Afghan military buckled and the former president of the country fled abroad.

Burgon previously served in the Shadow Cabinet of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who also called this week for the British government to increase “humanitarian support” into Afghanistan.

During the two-decades-long war in Afghanistan, 457 British military members or Ministry of Defence civilians lost their lives in the conflict. To date, the government has spent an estimated £22 billion during the war.

The current leader of the opposition Labour Party, Sir Keir Starmer, has not yet backed any calls for reparations. However, he has pressed on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to accept more refugees from the war-torn and terror-breeding ground nation.

The government, for its part, has already signalled that asylum seekers from Afghanistan will have border restrictions, such as passport requirements, waived. This prompted concerns that terrorists, including the Taliban, could try to enter surreptitiously into the country.

The UK appears to be going deep on their support for the Taliban against the US, which is an interesting development.

Why are these people in Britain?