UK: Law Student Investigated for a Hate Crime for Insulting ISIS

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 5, 2017

ISIS is a religion of flowers.

Well, here we go.

The Western-kike establishment has long been secretly supporting ISIS.

Now they’re going to start sending you to prison if you question ISIS.

Is it time to fight back yet?


A law student has become subject of an investigation by his university after allegedly mocking Islamic State (formerly ISIL/ISIS) on social media and undermining minority students’ safety.

Robbie Travers, a third-year-law student at Edinburgh University, is being investigated after an official who carried out the preliminary investigation claimed he had committed a “hate crime.” No criminal investigation, however, has been opened by the police.

Travers posted the allegedly-racist material on Facebook in the aftermath of the US Air Force bombing an IS stronghold in Afghanistan back in April.

“Excellent news that the US administration and Trump ordered an accurate strike on an IS network of tunnels in Afghanistan.

“I’m glad we could bring these barbarians a step closer to collecting their 72 virgins,” Travers wrote.

Although he acknowledged that his comments were highly opinionated, Travers denied they were of a racist nature.

Again, Islam is a race.

This has been my argument from the beginning. The few “white” Moslems are no different than a white “convert” to Judaism. Very rare, and not actually Moslems.

But like the Jews, Moslems switch between being a religion and a race whenever it is convenient.

“I am deeply worried that I am being investigated for comments which are expressions of opinion in a jovial way . . . I do not incite the harassment or racist treatment, nor attack anyone with an illegal suggestion or suggest, indeed, that they be deprived of their human rights,” he said, according to the Times.

The investigation was prompted by a complaint filed by second-year history student Esme Allman, who said Travers’ comments amounted to “blatant Islamophobia.”

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Allman filed a complaint saying, “Not only do I believe this behaviour to be in breach of the student code of conduct, but his decision to target the BME Liberation Group at the University of Edinburgh, and how he has chosen to do so, puts minority students at risk and in a state of panic and fear while attending the University of Edinburgh.”

However according to the Times, Travers said the complaint came in retaliation to him highlighting that Allman, who is also the former black and ethnic minority convener of the university’s Students’ Association, had said all black men are “trash.”

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Allman identifies herself online as “a self-proclaimed feminist” seeking to create an all-inclusive community.

“I value inclusivity as well as building and preserving safe spaces for us. Creating a truly intersectional campaign is incredibly important to me and my first job will be to work alongside the other liberation groups to ensure EUSA are fully representative of our views.”

Effectively, what this bitch – and the school that supported her claim – have done is prove that ISIS=Islam.

Of course, we already knew that.

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