UK: Kurdish “Refugee” Admits Being Bomb-Maker for Planned Terror Attack in Germany

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 21, 2020

Fatah Mohammed Abdullah

Take a good look at his face and understand that the governments of Western countries are actively trying to import as many of these creatures as they possibly can.

People protesting against this invasion are treated as the villains.

Daily Mail:

A Kurdish asylum seeker has pleaded guilty to bomb-making and inciting two Iraqi jihadists to commit a planned terror attack in north Germany.

Fatah Mohammed Abdullah, 34, bought chemicals, over 8,000 matches, an igniter fuse, and a remote-control detonator on eBay and Amazon from April 2018.

Police who suspected he was planning to build explosives raided his Arthur’s Hill flat that December, discovering the various items as well as his own Islamist literature.

Jobless “refugees” have their own flats in white people’s countries.

It’s probably due to one of their human rights or whatever.

Abdullah, whose origin remains a mystery, had scribbled notes supportive of ISIS and ‘violent jihad’. A review of the browsing history on his mobile phone showed searches for pressure, and the use and manufacture of gunpowder.

Six weeks later – in January 2019 – German police raided apartments in Meldorf and Elpersbüttel in Schleswig-Holstein after a surveillance operation.

Omar Babek and Ahmed Hussein were accused of plotting to drive a vehicle packed with 10kg of TNT into a crowd and then attack passers-by with a meat cleaver.

Abdullah had taken ‘very real and significant steps to plan an attack’, Detective Chief Superintendent Martin Snowden of Counter-Terrorism Policing North-East said.

He pleaded guilty to preparing acts of terrorism and to incitement to terrorism overseas. His case was heard over video link between Liverpool Crown Court, the Old Bailey, and HMP Belmarsh in southeast London.

It was adjourned for psychiatric reports and the judge, Mr Justice Sweeney, said a video link would probably be needed for the sentence hearing in May.

Abdullah was smuggled into Britain in the back of a lorry when he was 20. He claimed to be Iranian when he arrived, and was granted asylum.

However, the jobless refugee is suspected of being an Iraqi Kurd.

It really is that easy for them to be granted asylum.

They just have to ask for it.

If you dare ask not to get your country flooded with subhuman primates though, the full weight of the justice system will fall on you and crush you.