UK: Kurd Jailed for Stalking Schoolgirl, Attacking Her in Woods

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 24, 2020

Araz Khdir

It’s hard to believe a Moslem would do such a thing.

Especially a Kurd.

Those are the best Moslems of all – everyone just loves them.

Teesside Live:

A “dangerous predator” who hunted down and sexually attacked a teenager is starting a lengthy jail term.

Araz Khdir carried out a violent assault in a wooded area near Ormesby Road in Normanby.

The married delivery driver drove round the streets looking for a victim before spotting the 14-year-old girl.

She had been visiting a friend and was walking home.

Khdir, 40, then turned his car around to follow her.

When the schoolgirl saw a group of youths on the footpath she usually takes, she “ironically” felt scared and walked through the secluded wooded area instead where Khdir lay in wait – before launching his attack.

Khdir was found guilty after a trial in November and was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court on Wednesday.

Jailing him for 11 years, Judge Rippon told Khdir, who needed a Kurdish interpreter throughout the hearing, was he must serve at least two-thirds of his prison sentence.

He must also serve an extended licence period of four years, bringing the overall sentence to 15 years.