UK: Kids as Young as 4 are Sexting

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2020

Almost a year ago, Russian Orthodox Church leader Patriarch Kirill warned that smartphones foretell the coming of the Antichrist.

Now we’re hearing about primary school children being investigated for sexting.

Daily Mail:

Hundreds of primary school children have been investigated by police for sexting in less than three years, including pupils as young as four.

Figures from 27 police forces in England and Wales revealed more than 6,000 under 14s were investigated for sending indecent messages, including 306 children younger than ten.

Sharing an indecent image of anyone who is underage is illegal in England and Wales, even if a child takes a picture of themselves and shares it consensually.

Prepubescent kids sending indecent images of themselves to their peers does sound like something that would happen in the times of the Antichrist.

Then puberty kicks in and the number of incidents skyrockets.

Between January 2017 and August 2019, there were 6,499 cases of children aged under 14 who were investigated for sending naked photos of themselves or other minors to their peers.

One nine-year-old girl was noted as an ‘offender’ for sharing indecent photos on Instagram, according to data seen by The Guardian, while a nine-year-old boy was put on a police database for sharing a naked selfie on Facebook’s private messaging service.

What are nine-year-old kids doing on Instagram and Facebook in the first place? The minimum age required to use those is supposed to be 13.

Whether these companies are unable to enforce age requirements or just don’t care is irrelevant to the fact that parents should be aware of what their kids are doing with the glowing screen devices.

The Internet isn’t just something that people can access for information; it is also a means to access people.

The figures revealed a steep rise in the number of investigations, from 183 per month in 2017 to 241 per month this year.

There were 17 six-year-olds, nine five-year-olds and four children aged just four investigated, despite the age of criminal responsibility being ten years old.

Of the 6,499 investigations, just 30 led to a child being charged, cautioned or summoned to court.

Most probes were dropped as police decided there was no public interest in taking further action, which usually indicates officers believe the sexting was consensual and not coerced.

These kids are just reproducing what they see all around them.

They are taking cues and acting accordingly.

Children nowadays are exposed to a constant stream of sexual imagery.

Things were already bad in that regard ten years ago.

BBC News, February 26, 2010:

Children are being increasingly exposed to sexual imagery and their parents have limited opportunities to stop it, a report for the Home Office warns.

The report calls for tougher regulation of sexual imagery in adverts and a ban on selling “lads’ mags” to under-16s.

The report said this “drip-drip” exposure was distorting young people’s perceptions of themselves, encouraging boys to become fixated on being macho and dominant, while girls in turn presented themselves as sexually available and permissive.

One outcome had been the rise of sexual bullying in which girls felt compelled to post topless or naked pictures on social networks, it added.

Ten years later and four-year-old kids are being investigated for sexting while nine-year-old girls are posting nudes on Instagram.

Maybe we should just stop trying to raise kids in the same environment in which adults live.

Maybe we should create Childhood Camps or something totally isolated from the outside world, throw all kids in there, and use artificial intelligence and robots to raise them.

If not even adults can escape the constant sexualization siege of Modernity, how can we expect to be able to shield kids from it?

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