UK: Judge Describes Homeless Black Who Raped 26-Year-Old as “Every Woman’s Worst Nightmare”

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2020

Farirai Shereni.

Umm… racist, much?

Imagine calling someone “nightmarish” just because their skin was dark.

Birmingham Live:

A homeless rapist who dragged a woman from the street and attacked her in Birmingham city centre has been jailed for 13 years.

Farirai Shereni was described by a judge as “every woman’s worst nightmare”.

He had already pestered other women for sex before he targeted his victim as she walked to work in the early hours of November 6, 2018.

The 26-year-old dragged her towards an underpass on Bull Street after spotting her in Dale End after she had been dropped off by her boyfriend.

She tried to walk away after the first attack but he raped her again.

Shereni had previously been found guilty of two charges of rape and another serious sexual offence by a jury at Birmingham Crown Court.