UK: Jew Plague-Spreaders Demand in Death They be Allowed to Spread Plague

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2020

It’s just disgusting the way these Jews get everything they want by whining about how everyone hates them.

If everyone hates them, why do they get everything they want?

“Anti-Semitism” is the biggest of all hoaxes.


The British government on Monday amended a bill granting emergency powers to combat the coronavirus pandemic so as to safeguard religious burial practices, drawing praise from both Jews and Muslims.

The so-called “Coronavirus Bill” originally gave medical professionals the ability to override the religious beliefs of the deceased and their survivors in regard to the treatment of the bodies of coronavirus victims after death, allowing for the forced cremation of bodies despite the deceased’s religious beliefs.

This clause caused considerable protest from British Jews and Muslims, both of whose religious laws forbid cremation.

In response, an amendment to the bill has been made that states authorities must “have regard” for the disposal of bodies “in accordance with the person’s wishes, if known, or otherwise in a way that appears consistent with the person’s religion or beliefs, if known.”

Do Jews not understand the meaning of the word “emergency”?

Is there any possible situation in which a Jew will not whine and make demands?