UK Issues New Projections on the Number of People Who Will Die as a Result of the Lockdown

These lunatics chanted “not one life.”


No one listened to me.

Now the UK government has admitted that by their own measurements, well over half a million people are going to die from the lockdown.

Daily Express:

The study was conducted by Philip Thomas, a Professor of Risk Management at the University of Bristol.

It estimates 150,000 people will die from Covid-19 over five years under intermittent lockdown conditions necessary to keep infection rates, or the R number, at the Government goal of below one.

But more than three times this number – 675,000 – will die from the collateral effects of the lengthy lockdown measures.

The analysis, shortly to be published in the scientific journal Nanotechnology Perceptions, was based on projected death rates linked to the virus, together with the economic impact of social distancing or lockdown and that of previous recessions.

The Government is planning to move cautiously out of lockdown, keeping a mixture of levels in place to stop the NHS from being placed under too much strain.

There is zero evidence that the NHS was ever strained by this virus. They’re certainly not going to be strained in the middle of the gosh-darn hecking summertime.

However, to maintain this will demand social distancing measures likely to cause a drop of 23.5 percent to the economy in 2020 and still further in 2021.

Without a vaccine, it would take until 2024 until the virus is contained, the paper states, and an extra 675,000 lives would be lost due to the effects of poverty on healthcare and impoverishment in general. Approximately 525,000 British civilian and military personnel died in the Second World War.

They’re giving very conservative numbers.

Mental health is already collapsing and we’re only two months into this lunatic lockdown. If we’re talking about keeping this until 2024, you’re going to see absolute madness. There is going to be suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence – plus a bunch of weird stuff like incest and any other weird thing you can think of.

They are unleashing a deep darkness in the human soul.

What we have with this lockdown clearly was not designed with public health in mind. As it continues, we begin to wonder if it was not designed with the purpose of destroying the psychological stability of the masses. What we can say with certainty is that if you wanted to destroy the psychological health of the people as quickly and efficiently as possible, this is exactly what you would do.

Professor Thomas said: “It is not enough to look at the epidemiology, the spread of Covid-19, in isolation. You need to look just as much at the effect on the economy because a nation’s economy and its health are so strongly linked that at some point they become inseparable. Poverty kills just as surely as the coronavirus.

“The only reason we have good health and live a long time is because we are one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

The policy of coming out of lockdown gradually, over five years – which will be necessary if we are to keep the infection rate close to or below one – will reduce the toll on life from the coronavirus but incur a far greater loss of life through the impoverishment of the nation.

“The net loss of life is likely to be of the order of 675,000 lives. This is higher than over the six years of the Second World War.

The initial pandemic response to lockdown as a device for gaining time to build defences and make sure our health service was not overwhelmed was a reasonable response. But our society cannot remain under siege forever and we need to find a way of returning towards normality.

I think we can more or less justify a lockdown of two months based on the ill effects to the economy, but three months is too long. We now have to realise if we do go so slowly and continue with the aim to keep the infection rate close to or below one then the number of deaths from the prolonged lockdown will be far worse and we will be condemning people to significant impoverishment, permanent loss of wealth and more deaths than lives saved.”

I have to remind you all that Sweden still exists.

It is still up there in the north of Europe, just chugging along.

Sweden never did a lockdown and they still have a lower death toll per capita than the vast majority of European nations.

Then you have China, South Korea and the entirety of Southeast Asia, which never did full lockdowns and have been fine.

This lockdown not only disregards the whole of public health in order to focus on a very small problem – it doesn’t even effectively deal with the problem it is ostensibly focused on.

We know this. It’s a fact. We have all of the data. This is not what we’re being told it is.

The fact that we are now talking about maintaining the lockdown for four years simply demonstrates yet again that there is another agenda behind all of this.

We don’t know what the agenda is, but we know that it is both massive and dark.