UK: Insane Vegan’s Meltdown Caught on Camera After Being Served Meat Twice by Mistake at McDonald’s

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 20, 2019

Vegans and vegetarians are known for throwing tantrums everywhere, usually because they hate meat and people who eat meat.

This man got really angry when McDonald’s staff gave him a proper burger instead of a veggie burger (which UK McDonald’s apparently sells) twice.

If he hates meat that much, what is he doing supporting such a meat-selling place?

Daily Mail:

A vegetarian customer was filmed throwing an epic meltdown after he was served meat in McDonald’s – twice.

Shocked diners watched as the father confronted staff who made the mistakes with his order.

The man, who has not been named but was with a woman and child, flew into a rage after ordering veggie burgers at the drive-thru restaurant in Aylesford, Kent.

Daddy veggies teaching his kid how to handle being social outcasts because of their diet. Classy.

When staff got his order wrong a second time, the furious customer approached the food counter and demanded to speak to head office.

He said: ‘Call the police – you honestly call the police, friends. Second time around, you give me a non-veg meal – who do you think you guys are?

How can you do it for a second time around? Who do you think you guys are?

Yeah, call the police. He’ll explain to the cops how his assault-like wrath is justified because they got his order wrong twice.¬†Veggietardians being offered meat is the worst ever insult they could receive. Probably illegal, too.

When another McDonald’s staff member intervened and asked him to be reasonable, the customer repeated it was the ‘second time around’ his order was wrong.

He added: ‘I will not calm down. Everyone is going to listen to the kind of service you guys provide.

I am not going to go anywhere – second time around, second time around you guys expect me to be reasonable?

‘You guys should pay your staff properly – it’s a crisis. Let’s go – second time around, second time around.’

Police officers, who had popped into the restaurant, helped defuse the situation and the man and his family eventually left on empty stomachs on Thursday afternoon.

Customer Jo Dale, who captured the footage on her phone, felt sympathy for the man.

Ms Dale, who owns the Hair Lounge in nearby Halling, Kent, said: ‘He had been through the drive-thru twice.

‘Him and his wife are both vegetarians and they had ordered veggie burgers and he had been given meat twice. To be fair, they get people’s orders wrong all the time.

‘He had taken his wife and young child. I didn’t film the worse of it when he first walked in.

He was throwing his McDonald’s bag at them saying he wants to speak to head office and the manager. Another guy got involved and tried to calm him down.’

It’s no wonder vegans and vegetarians are prone to this kind of meltdown given their diet usually results in serious hormonal imbalances. They just can’t control their emotions. Men eating in such a way usually become more womanly; unable to handle what the world throws at them.

In this case, the world threw two meat burgers at this man, and the man couldn’t handle it. He lost it when instead he could have just laughed it off as McDonald’s wasting money, time and resources. He could have asked for them to get his order right for a third time, and then maybe a fourth time while enjoying the whole thing.

He could enjoy life but instead he acts like a bitch.

Being vegan is a last ditch identity politic for stoners and male allies who didn’t have the stomach for the gay. Eating their weird diet makes them feel holier than you because they participate in some strange sacrament from which you, the unclean carnivore, are excluded.

Eating meat gratifies the predatory instinct innate in men, and it is good for their muscle health. By rejecting meat, the vegan rejects predation and violence. This hippie embraces the herbivore animal-spirit.

He is unthreatening livestock, literally sheeple.

By rejecting meat, the vegan rejects strength.

What’s really going on here is that Jewish social control demands some degree of sacrifice of masculinity, or ritual circumcision, from all of its subjects.

If the goyim cannot be amusingly infected with the gay and unleashed on each other, they must at least submit to eat sheep food while their masters eat like wolves.

That is how serious things really are.