UK: Innocent Man Prosecuted Simply for Calling for Extermination of Jews!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2018

Jews: The British government expects you to believe that they don’t deserve to be eradicated.

So apparently, stating obvious facts such as “Jews deserve to be eradicated” is illegal in the once-free United Kingdom.


A self-proclaimed Nazi told gatherings of far-right activists that Jewish people were parasites who should be eradicated, a court has heard.

The 22-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has denied two counts of stirring up racial hatred.

Preston Crown Court heard the Lancashire man said Britain “took the wrong side” in World War Two.

Matthew Brook, prosecuting, said the defendant held “extreme right-wing views”.

Jurors were told the trial was about remarks which included “threatening and abusive comments about the Jewish race”.

The defendant wanted “other people to hate the Jews in the same way that he does” and during one speech, had stated Jews needed to be “eradicated”, Mr Brook said.

The court was played a video of a far-right rally which showed the accused telling attendees “international Jewry” was a “disease”.

Where is the lie?

Referring to WW2, the defendant was heard to say Britain “fought the National Socialists, who were there to remove Jewry from Europe once and for all”.

“Instead, we let these parasites live among us, and they still do,” he added.

He was then seen telling the rally: “You can call me Nazi, you can call me fascist. That is what I am.”

The jury was shown a transcript of a speech made in Yorkshire in which the defendant is alleged to have said Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was “right in many senses”, but wrong when he “showed mercy to people who did not deserve mercy”.

It really makes you think.

How lucky we are to live in America, where we have protected First Amendment rights.

Where I can say loud and proud: Jews need to be eradicated.

I am also thankful that despite whatever happens, Donald Trump was elected President. Hillary would have already made freedom of speech illegal in America, which basically would have shut down the entire internet.

Speech Laws as a Last Gasp of the Jew System

These speech laws are are representative of the fact that the system is backed up against the wall.

These speech laws are different than any of those that any other state has previously had. The speech laws in communist or Islamic countries exist simply to hold up an established ruling order, and they are all built around not criticizing the power structure specifically. But these European democracy speech laws are designed around banning entire categories of thought and personal expression, not simply in publication but in regular speech and comments between friends on social media, taking the concept of speech restriction a whole new level – one that enters into the realm of thought control rather than simply protecting a ruling class from public criticism.

Laws against criticism of the leadership had precedent in lèse-majesté laws which stretch back to the Roman period.

But having foreign groups in your country who as a class are protected from any form of criticism in both public and private conversation is entirely new, especially in an era where so much of communication is electronic.