UK: Innocent and Oppressed Kurdish Refugee Went on Rape Spree Against Girls as Young as 12

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2017

So wait.

Is the argument that this is worth it, because the Moslems bring so much enrichment to the culture?

Or is it the Nirvana Fallacy: that if a Kurd “refugee” from Iraq fleeing the brutal civil war in Syria hadn’t done this, a white British man would have?

Is it both arguments?


An Iraqi Kurdish shopkeeper is on trial in Derby on multiple sexual assault charges including child rape, with one alleged victim being just 12 years old.

The trial of Dilan Amin, 27, began 29 August where the court heard charges of 14 sex offences including two rape charges, two charges of rape of a child, four of sexual assault, four of inciting a child for prostitution, and one of supplying cocaine.

The offences are alleged to have been committed against seven females between 2012 and 2017 including the rape of a girl who was 12 years old at the time, reports the Derby Telegraph.

A girl who was 12 years old at the time she met Amin, before Christmas 2012, alleged he raped her at his flat behind the shop.

The court heard how “Amin would always be nice to her… Telling her she could have things from the shop for free. He told her if she was his girl, she would have anything she wanted.”

In a police interview shown in court, the alleged victim, now 17 years old, said one day Amin told her they were going to have sex.

The girl said he then sat on her and she “could not escape”. She added: “He grabbed me to the side… He was right on top of me.”

The girl said after the alleged rape she thought she was pregnant and “was in shock”. She told police that afterwards, Amin would call her.

Mr. West said Amin and another man took the-then 15-year-old girl, and another girl, to the International Hotel in Burton Road.

The barrister said the girl was “encouraged and pestered” to take cocaine, after which the “cocktail of drugs” caused her to blank out.

Mr. West said: “She can recall lying on the bed and Amin then coming over and lying on top of her. Amin then had sex with her. The prosecution case is that was in such an intoxicated state that she did not know what she was doing.”

Something people would do well to understand is that this is not only tolerated by the Islamic religion, but it is in fact encouraged as a form of warfare and conquest.

The people doing this are strongly religious.

Islam is a system designed to allow brown people to conquer other races. They have been doing this for nigh 1500 years. However, the modern age is the first time in all of history that a people invited another group in to conquer them.

Think about that.

It is deep and heavy: inviting people in to rape your women and murder you on the streets, because not doing that would be somehow mean. Furthermore – and this is really the primary point – it is linked back to the Holocaust: white people have to be conquered and exterminated by brown people because they gassed six million Jews.

After the “pay our pensions” thing fell through – when it was found that at least two-thirds of immigrants were illiterate in their own language, and then the “brutal civil war in Syria” thing fell through, because it was revealed that a maximum of 10% of these people are actually from Syria (and were already safe in Turkey anyway), Merkel came out and said “we have to do this because of the Holocaust.”

Seriously, that happened.

Her words were “because of our unique history.”

I don’t know what Britain’s reasoning is.

And I cannot say enough that it is women who are pushing this. I have been criticized for saying that white women want to fuck these animals. But that has always been hyperbolic. Of course, a good percentage of them do want to fuck these animals – in the above story, all of these girls went willingly with these men to hotels and such and then cried “rape.” You can white knight and say “oh well a 12-year-old girl can’t give consent” – and okay, that is some kind of philosophical question, but she went to the man’s flat. And a 12-year-old girl knows what sex is.

But no, not all of the women supporting this invasion want to literally fuck these monkeys. However, they do want to live in a society which has more men than women, because this increases their sexual value, increases the amount of male attention they receive.

For those of you who have claimed that I only point this out because I “hate women,” you are either purposefully, consciously lying, or you are such a pathetic little baby that you are incapable of confronting reality as an adult.

Yes, given the way you were raised to think of women – to believe that it is important that they approve of you – it is emotionally difficult to accept that they would purposefully flood your home with aliens for sexual reasons. But you are a grown man. And part of being a grown man is being able to confront emotionally difficult realities.

And the fact of the matter is: It doesn’t matter what women our women think, it doesn’t matter what their sexual desires are. What matters is that they are our property. They belong to us. And they have no “right” to give themselves away to foreign hoards.

The Alt-Right is about reclaiming our birthright.

And the wombs of our females are the most fundamental aspect of that birthright.

“Women are Race Traitors” Meme

The “women are race traitors” meme is a really shitty meme.

All that they are doing is carrying out a biological program.

They are not conscious of what is going on, they are simply driven, like animals, by base urges. Calling them “traitors” prescribes to them agency that they simply do not possess.

Instead of getting angry at the women, we need to get angry at the Jews who are giving them away to these alien races.

nb4 “oh but Anglin, you insult and attack women all the time, and you’re saying you’re not angry at them???”

The reason I insult them is that they deserve to be insulted, and because these insults instill in men a lack of respect for the supposed agency of women. This is of extreme importance. Men need to look at women as lower than them. Because they are lower than them. And the only way we are going to be able to deal successfully with these creatures is if we put them in their place, which is far, far below us.

If men start looking at women as they look at children – emotionally and mentally fragile beings who need to be both protected – mainly from their own behavior – and disciplined, we are going to be able to fix this situation.