UK: Independent-Minded Rebels Rally in Support of Elitist Jew-Globalism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2016

A groups of rebels against the system met Friday to protest against the vote of the people in support of the international Jew-globalist financial elite. These “Leftist” protest groups see the Brexit as primarily a racist vote against mass immigration. They marched to the offices of The Sun newspaper, which they view as having spurred the racist sentiment which led to the Leave vote.

Vice News was there to document the event, and we see four distinct groups – but one of them is not like the others.

Four distinct groups can be identified at the rally, one of which is not like the others.


Jews – the Jewish “Anarchist” group Jewdas was prominent at the rally with a “fuck racism” sign. Jews naturally benefit from immigration as it protects them from scrutiny as an outgroup. In a land of mixed multitudes, no one notices that the Jew does not belong.


Brown people – A portion of the protest was made-up of non-White ethnic minorities. The benefit of mass-immigration to those who have already immigrated is that they can bring in more of their countrymen to overrun the native population, steal their resources, and ultimately conquer and subdue them completely.

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White women – By far the largest group represented at this rally – or any other pro-immigration rally in anywhere in Europe – was White women. For these feminist women, mass immigration is a sexual strategy. They seek to replace their own men with brown people who they will then breed with. For a variety of reasons, they view brown people are sexually superior to White men. Beyond this, they also have a nurturing instinct to protect those they view as vulnerable, and they’ve been told that an army of 20-something men are a vulnerable group.


White men – The odd ones out at the protest were the White men. They were by far the smallest group represented, but nonetheless they were there. Mass immigration serves exactly zero of their interests. They are giving away their own resources to a foreign people, they are giving away their sexual options – that is, their women – to a foreign people, and they are gaining absolutely nothing from it, other than some type of masochistic psychological/emotional satisfaction. This is true cuckoldry.

The Rebellious Angle is Dissolving

You’ll notice that many of the White men involved here are wearing “anarchist” flags and uniforms. This is to imply they are “rebels,” even while they are supporting the agenda of the international financial elite – banks, corporations, etc.

This argument that it is rebellious and edgy to support the destruction of your own country at the hands of the Jewish ruling class has already stopped making any sense. Instead, these people look like what they are – a bunch of dopey faggots. No one has told them that this is what they look like, and media outlets such as Vice continue to portray them as rebels with a cause, but the day is coming soon when the whole world will recognize them for the faggots they are, and they will be forced to accept it.

The real rebels are the ones who are fighting against the system, not those fighting for it.

We are the real rebels, brothers.

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