UK: “Immunity Certificate” Social Interaction Licenses Coming Soon

Remember when the media spent nearly a century telling you that “papers, please” was an evil thing that the most evil people ever, the Hitler-Nazis, did to people as a form of total tyranny?

And do you remember when all those queers on the internets whined about how it was pure evil to do “papers, please” on people, and about how evil they thought that Hollywood trope was?

Because I remember this distinctly.

Well, this evil Hollywood trope has flip-flopped all the way to being good, as all the good liberals agree, because of the flu. Now It isn’t just “papers, please” to travel on a train to another city or another country, as it is in the Hollywood trope of evil Nazis – it’s papers to travel anywhere outside of your house.

We know that coronavirus is about as dangerous as the flu. Pretending that this virus is a threat is allowing them to keep pushing these insane ideas and Hollywood police state tropes on people.

Daily Mail:

Immunity certificates for people to prove they are protected against coronavirus are back under consideration by ministers in an effort to get people back to work.

Matt Hancock announced yesterday contracts for 10 million antibody tests had been signed that would be given to NHS and care workers from next week.

The Health Secretary told yesterday’s Downing Street briefing: ‘We’re developing this critical science to know the impact of a positive antibody test and to develop the systems of certification to ensure people who have positive antibodies can be given assurances of what they can safely do.’

He added: ‘We’re not yet in a position to say that those who test positive in these antibody tests are immune from coronavirus.

‘But as our understanding of the disease improves, the insight these antibody tests provide will be crucial.’

Earlier this month, a spokesman for Boris Johnson said there was the possibility of issuing some kind of certificate based on immunity but that scientists still needed to know more about that subject area.

It remains unknown whether people who have recovered from coronavirus have any immunity from catching it again.

But ministers hope that if scientists do prove immunity exists, certificates will allow people to return to the workforce and to ditch social distancing regulations.

Requiring a certificate in order to ditch social distancing regulations means requiring a certificate in order to socialize with people normally. They’re literally talking about a human interaction license.

Probably, the UK should have anticipated this sort of thing when their mommy government started demanding a license for butter knives.

(Although I suppose that was a black-specific issue, due to all of the gang violence.)

Researchers have found that people who have never had coronavirus can have some degree of immunity to it if they’ve fought off the common cold. By all signs, this virus is benign and immunities to it are very easily built.

Extending the lockdown little by little, giving people hope and then crushing their expectations, is a form of psychological abuse that is creating a situation where people will be so desperate to have a taste of normal life again that they’ll accept anything presented as the key to achieving it. They are using psychological trauma to make people malleable.

If you want to work and have normal social interactions again, you have to get your certificate.

This talk about immunity and certificates is setting up the stage to roll out mandatory vaccinations, and it is a core component of a greater trend that people swallowed whole as soon as the media said “virus”: that “the greater good” is reason enough for the government to take away people’s basic rights.

It doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not. Taking away all of your rights and forcing you to live as if you were a prisoner in your own home because there is a virus that is only mostly killing a few very old people and others suffering from chronic illnesses doesn’t make sense, but virtually everyone is complying.

The rulers have hit the jackpot. They’ve found a magical button capable of getting most people to comply with whatever they say. It’s for your own good. If you disagree, then it is for the greater good. If you refuse to comply, you risk people’s lives. You risk The Greater Good.

But not everyone is complying.

The most effective way to fight against this evil is by refuting the Doom Virus narrative that portrays coronavirus as a threat.

If the spell is broken and people see the virus for what it is, the rulers pushing all of these insane things lose their magic tool.

These are the most important points to spread:

There is no reason to continue the lockdown.

The government is only doing it as a way to consolidate their newly acquired power.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.