UK: Hospital is Forced to Apologize for Nurse Mistaking Transgender Woman with a Beard for a Man

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2019

This is current year and in current year you have to be very careful every time you make assumptions about someone. They may look like a man but they may be a woman, just as they may look like a woman but they may be a man.

One mistake, and you could lose your job. At the very least, you’ll be forced to apologize.

Daily Mail:

A hospital has been forced to apologise to a transgender woman who visited a ward dressed as Mrs Claus at Christmas after the nurse mistook her for a man and exclaimed ‘erggh’ when corrected.

Chantelle Saunders, who is transitioning from male to female, said she was left ‘very, very upset’ by the way she was treated by staff at Royal Devon and Exeter hospital.

The 34-year-old claims a nurse replied ‘Er…it’s a man’ when she wished her ‘Happy Christmas’ while wearing an Ann Summers Mrs Claus outfit.

Chantelle, from Exeter, visited the hospital on Christmas Eve last year in full make-up, wig and costume to spread some festive cheer.

But she said she was disgusted after the nurse believed she was a man and then replied ‘erggh’ when she informed her she was a transgender woman.

In a letter the hospital told Chantelle that the nurse thought she was male because ‘you had a full beard and were dressed in male attire’.

But they have now apologised and said they are keen to speak to Chantelle to see if they can ‘explore how we can resolve any remaining issues she has’.

Chantelle said she has never had a beard, even before she began her three year transition, and blasted the nurse’s actions.

Chantelle said she complained to the NHS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) and received a comment back from the assistant head of nursing apologising for saying ‘happy Christmas, sir’.

‘But I appealed and made another complaint about that because they didn’t speak to me or speak to my two witnesses.

‘Now I have had a letter back from the deputy chief executive/chief nurse which basically says that the nurse involved has no recollection of making the comment – but again they never spoke to my two witnesses.’

She then read out part of the letter, which said that staff were trained to enquire about how people wished to be addressed.

Chantelle continued: ‘The bit of the letter that has really upset me is this bit, it says, ‘However when a person is visited we are advised to address the person as they are seen. In your case I understand you had a full beard and were dressed in male attire‘.’

Chantelle said if the hospital had contacted her witnesses they would all testify that she was dressed as a woman, as she has for the last three years since she began transitioning and taking female hormones.

She said: ‘I am always dressed as a woman. I had full make-up. I had my hair on. I am on female hormones and do not have a beard.

Even my passport shows that I am female. This second letter is even worse than the first.

Yeah if his passport says he’s female then he’s female, okay? The paper makes it official.

Witnesses, letters, going to the media and making this level of noise just because someone thought a man wearing a beard was a man and not a woman.

He says he wasn’t wearing a beard, but…

If a man that says he’s a woman says he didn’t have a beard, do you believe him?

On the one hand you know he’s literally lying to your face and expecting you to believe him when he says he’s a woman, on the other hand that lie he tells you is also maybe a reason for him not to let his beard grow.

Tough call.

Transgenders lie on a daily basis about their gender. If they believe their lies, they’re insane. If not, they’re compulsive liars.

How can you believe anything that someone who’s either insane or a compulsive liar is telling you?

There’s just no way to know if what they’re telling you is true or just another of their delusions. Keep in mind thinking you’re a woman when you’re actually a man is a very serious delusion.

Coexistence with demon-possessed faggots is unnecessarily complicated.

How are you supposed to think this thing is a woman even if it isn’t wearing a beard?

There’s just no way anyone would see the above creature and think “yeah that may be a 34-year-old female.”

These creatures should be locked up so everyone else can live in peace, but instead the overwhelming majority of people —who are not possessed by demons— are forced to contort themselves to accommodate insane costume-wearing faggots that will do anything in their power to destroy your life the moment you refuse to address them the way they want to be addressed.