UK: Hospital Bombing Ruled a Terrorist Attack

Oh, sorry – it’s not a terrorist attack, it’s a terrorist incident. I don’t know what the difference is, but the difference sounds important.


An explosion which occurred outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Sunday, shortly before the nation fell silent in remembrance, has been declared a terrorist incident, police said.

British police said that Sunday’s blast in a Liverpool taxi was caused by an improvised explosive device. “Our assumption so far is that this was built by the passenger in the taxi,” Counter Terrorism North West’s Russ Jackson told gathered reporters on Monday.

Investigators said they know the identity of the passenger who blew himself up outside the hospital. “The reason why he then took it to the Women’s Hospital is unknown, as is the reason for its sudden explosion,” police noted.

Police confirmed that a fourth man had been arrested in relation to the attack; three were known to have been detained on Sunday. Jackson added that “significant items” were found during searches of two addresses in Liverpool. Investigators said they were aware of the proximity of the explosion to a nearby Remembrance Sunday event.

It is a completely worthless bomb.

I guess if it was set off by the passenger, he would have killed the driver. But a “terrorist attack” against a taxi driver is a weird flex.

It’s really a shame we have these Moslems in our countries doing these things. Even if no one dies or very few people die, it still means that all people have to walk around being on edge, knowing that they could be randomly murdered by Islamic psychopaths at any moment.