UK: Homeless Illegal Immigrant Thief Sues Government for Not Deporting Him Quick Enough

June 7, 2014

Salimur Rahman is now thought to be living homeless somewhere in the south of England.

A FAILED asylum seeker is set to sue the Government after a judge ruled he was kept in jail unlawfully.

The case of robber Salimur Rahman emerged the day after a drug dealer won the right to millions in compensation from the taxpayer because of an EU directive.

Critics last night accused officials of bungling Rahman’s deportation, saying a likely five-figure payout was “rubbing salt in the wound”.

Homeless Rahman was due to be kicked out of Britain in 2010 after serving a jail sentence for mugging a woman in Gloucester.

But he was kept in prison pending deportation, the High Court was told.


His process was then delayed after he told officials he did not know whether he was born in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Further delays were caused by the 31-year-old launching an asylum bid.

He later dropped his application and was eventually released on bail in September last year, the court heard.

Rahman sued Home Secretary Theresa May on the grounds that his continued detention was a breach of his human rights.

Yesterday, Judge Rhodri Price Lewis, QC, ruled in his favour saying Rahman should not have been kept in jail for the last six months of his time behind bars.


He said the delay in processing the robber’s deportation was mostly due to Rahman’s “lack of co-operation”.

On Tuesday, a High Court judge ruled drug dealer Sean Delaney could sue for millions in compensation after he was injured in a car crash while transporting a half-pound block of cannabis.

Mr Justice Jay ruled in favour of Delaney, 40, as the UK government is in breach of European law over invalid motor insurance.


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