UK: High Court Judge Rules Child Refugees Should Get Priority in Schooling and Healthcare

Daily Stormer
November 19, 2017

Judge Peter Jackson, the ultimate form of Cuckamon

Oh Britain… Finding new heights of cuckoldry every day… You truly deserve the title of “Sweden of CURRENT YEAR.”

Daily Mail:

Young children who arrive in Britain as unaccompanied asylum seekers should get first place in the queue for schools and healthcare, a High Court judge declared yesterday.

He called on social workers to make sure that children who arrive to claim asylum without their parents or anyone else to look after them should have priority in getting medical care or NHS therapy.

Such children should also have priority for places in oversubscribed schools, Mr Justice Peter Jackson said.

Some vile Nazis, in their vile naziness, scoffed at the idea that these oppressed children in their 20s and 30s would pay pensions, and yet…


Think about it – if you need to go the hospital really bad, and one of these vibrants gets in front of you and you die – then you don’t get any pension.

If you wanna go to a good school, and a vibrant gets in because of affirmative action, then you’ll get a smaller pension.

What do you Nazis have to say now, huh?


The judge set out the need to give young unaccompanied asylum seekers special treatment in the NHS and the education system in a test case involving two young Afghan boys, aged nine and 10.

The two boys, identified only as J and T, are thought to come from North West Afghanistan, and arrived in the North West of England a year and four months after leaving the country.

Some vile Nazis might say that’s it’s unlikely for two prepubescent boys to get from Afghanistan to Britain on their own.

Some even viler Nazis might demand biological testing to see if these innocent vibrant children aren’t actually much older than that.

But those are Nazis, so everything they say is hatred and therefore should not even be permitted to be thought.

Mr Justice Jackson said that social workers were right in their case to apply for a court care order to give an unnamed local council full powers to act in place of their parents.

Older children arriving as unaccompanied asylum seekers might be given housing under less sweeping court orders, the judge said in the family court in Liverpool.

So the oppressed, innocent Afghan children get to live off the Brits’ money as reparations for Jim Crow, and the serious and highly competent women who form the bulk of Britain’s local politicians can feel like mommies.


The story of the two boys the older is thought to be the uncle of the younger was said to be ‘unusual but not, sadly unprecedented.’

So they came together for a better life as a family…



‘It is thought that in April 2016 the children were somehow sent out of Afghanistan, whether by their mothers or another family member is not known,’ Mr Justice Jackson said.

‘In some way they crossed Asia and the Middle East and Europe and ended up in the refugee camp in Calais known as the Jungle on 18 August 2016, having travelled a long distance with other refugees by lorry.

‘It appears that these children lived together in a tent without any adult being responsible for them for about four and a half months.

This is so sad… Somebody quick! Call Steven Spielberg and tell him to make a movie about this!


 ‘The next that is known is that they arrived on 18 August in the North West, alone but well-dressed.’

It was not possible to investigate the boys’ home because of war conditions, the judge added.

The fact that these things were even thought is just proof that Britain is a Nazi country, and the Queen of Britain is Hitler’s missing testicle.

They are currently living with a Pakistani foster family with whom they have a cultural background in common. However the boys speak a different language, and their carers were anxious, he added.

The children, the judge said, were traumatised, missed their mothers, and were trying to adapt to an alien world.

Last month one was taken to hospital with convulsions thought to be a result of intense anxiety.


The judge ruled that the boys’ future should be governed by a care order rather than the alternative ‘Section 20’ order which gives them free housing but means their council would have much less sweeping power over their lives.

Among advantages of a care order, he said, are that ‘the children would have priority in relation to the obtaining of speciality therapy or medical care.’

Mr Justice Peter Jackson added that ‘they would undoubtedly be a first call on the local authority’s resources if subject to a care order, and, depending on the education legislation, qualify for priority in the allocation of educational resources.’

Ok, this is a reasonable start, but don’t you think this is enough to atone for slavery.

Last year 3,290 unaccompanied children claimed asylum in Britain, 754 of them from Afghanistan. More than six out of 10 claimed to be 16 or 17 – the age group believed to include a high proportion of older people falsely saying they are aged under 18.

Only seven in 100 unaccompanied asylum seeker children were thought to be aged under 14.


We all know that the entire population of Afghanistan is below the age of 12, so why do people still think vile Nazi thoughts like this?

I’ll tell you why.


The average Brit in CURRENT YEAR