UK: Health Secretary Matt Hancock Breaks Social Distancing Rules to Cheat on Wife with Old Woman

The entire virus agenda is run by sexless nerds who are using this stupid hoax to have sex with gross women.

First, Neil Ferguson violated the lockdown by traveling to have sex with a fat married woman.

Now that faggot nerd Matt Hancock is slipping his hancock to his assistant.

Daily Mail:

Matt Hancock refused to resign today but admitted he had ‘let people down’ and apologised for flouting social distancing rules after he was caught on CCTV kissing his most senior aide in the corridor outside his Whitehall office.

The Health Secretary, 42, failed to deny claims of a secret long-term affair after extraordinary images revealed his passionate clinch with millionaire lobbyist Gina Coladangelo, 43, where he was filmed rubbing her back and bottom during their workplace embrace.

In an extraordinary statement he did not mention his wife of 15 years Martha, the mother of his three children, who was pictured looking heartbroken while walking the family dog near their north London home today, only saying he had ‘let people down’ and wanted ‘privacy for my family on this personal matter’.

As Mr Hancock fights for his political life, No 10 is said to be holding crisis talks as Labour and the Liberal Democrats branded him a ‘hypocrite’ who should be fired for kissing a lover and ignoring his own ‘hands, face and space’ mantra while telling the UK not to hug their loved-ones.

But Mr Hancock still hopes to survive and said: ‘I accept that I breached the social distancing guidance in these circumstances. I have let people down and am very sorry. I remain focused on working to get the country out of this pandemic, and would be grateful for privacy for my family on this personal matter’. He was meant to be at Newmarket Racecourse to visit the vaccination centre but a spokesman revealed he cancelled at the last minute ‘early this morning’.

People get easily caught up in sex drama, of course.

And this is some sex drama.

Nerds will never understand that if you’re actually famous and on TV all the time, you can seduce teenage girls.

But these nerds use their fame to have sex with women who would probably have sex with them anyway. All their fame does is give them the confidence to seize access to women they already had access to.

This is Matt Hancock’s lover:

This is his wife:

He actually downgraded.

So yeah I mean – whatever.

Sex drama.

The bigger issue is this: we yet again have proof that none of the people pushing this virus hysteria actually believe in it themselves.

That should be the most important thing to understand here.

If they don’t actually believe there is a dangerous virus, then why are they pretending to believe that?

What is the purpose of this agenda?

But proles are proles and like proles they will instead say: “Aw, he’s all grabben at her bum, ain’t he? Wonder what ‘is missus must be thinkin’ of all that then, eh?”