UK: Hateful Mob of Freaks Attacks Man Who Welcomed Donald Trump

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2019

You know how Jews do something and then accuse people of doing the same thing?

These leftist types display a similar projection kind of dynamic. They say right-leaning people are full of hate while their deformed faces show extreme levels of hate.

Daily Mail:

Doused in milkshake by a mob chanting ‘Nazi-scum’, a middle-aged man is led away by police for his own protection. His crime – to express words of welcome for the President of the USA.

This was the scene beneath the statue of Sir Winston Churchill in Parliament Square yesterday just a couple of hundred yards from the room where Donald Trump and the Prime Minister were holding talks on the second day of the President’s state visit.

Outside, a smaller-than-expected ‘Stop Trump’ demonstration was not in the mood to hear dissenting voices. Moments earlier, the same man had been heard telling protesters that Mr Trump ‘speaks the truth’ about Brexit.

The picture below really describes the current state of white men in white men’s countries.

One of the arguments used to defend the idea that “hate speech” should be illegal is that it can supposedly lead to real violence and real people getting hurt, but so far the only ones that have been getting hurt in incidents related to this hate speech thing are the ones allegedly doing the hate speech.

I guess the left wants to make hate speech illegal to protect the physical integrity of the right.

After all, the left is always caring about people from all around the world and from all walks of life.

The left in the United Kingdom is especially caring of MOSLEMS.

Daily Mail:

Hundreds of thousands of British Muslims have gathered to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr – a religious holiday that marks the end of the month of Ramadan.

Events are being held around the UK today, with 106,000 worshippers at one event alone in Small Heath Park, Birmingham. Those present prayed together ahead of their first daylight meal following a month of fasting.

Thousands are meanwhile expected at a two-day event at Platt Fields Park in Fallowfield, Greater Manchester.

The event in the Midlands is the largest gathering of Muslims in Europe joined together for the ‘Festival of Breaking the Fast.’

Families – some having travelled to Birmingham from as far as the US – got to their knees in unison for prayers at 9am this morning.

Are those males taking pictures of their daughters or their wives? Possibly both.

Handsome creatures.

As you can see, the United Kingdom is a great and safe place for MOSLEMS. For whites… not so much.

But that’s okay, because whites already had their turn there.

Now it’s time for the brown humanoids to rule.

Leftists will make sure of that. At least until the MOSLEMS kill them, because the left is mostly uppity women, unhygienic feminists, faggots and all kids of degenerates — all very haram in Islam.

It’s quite ironic that these leftist mobs are demonizing and attacking the one group of people who gave them all of the rights they enjoy, while actively defending a group that would immediately kill all of them.

Or maybe it isn’t ironic and they’re literally suicidal maniacs.

But in that case, why are we letting suicidal maniacs run our countries while we pretend that self-destruction is an acceptable choice of policy?

Because something about democracy and all voices mattering… I guess.