UK: Half of Families Have Been Pushed Into Credit Card Debt Since the Start of the Pandemic

This virus hoax is designed to utterly eliminate the middle class of the Western world.

This situation of the economic fallout hasn’t even really begun yet. It is going to get so, so very much worse.

The Independent:

Nearly half of families with children have been forced into some form of debt since the start of the pandemic, prompting warnings that Britain risks becoming a nation “surviving on credit”.

New figures seen by The Independent show that almost 18 million people, a third of the population, have had to use credit cards, go into their overdraft or borrow from friends and family since March.

The research, based on a survey of more than 2,000 people commissioned by debt charity Turn2Us, reveals that this applies to 45 per cent of households with children – meaning around 3.6 million families have been pushed into debt.

It comes following a stark warning from the UK’s human rights watchdog that the government must prioritise children’s rights and do more to protect them from the “devastating” economic and psychological impact of the pandemic.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said more families now risk being pushed into economic hardship and groups who already faced poverty were likely to see their income reduced further, because coronavirus was “exacerbating existing inequalities”.

Thomas Lawson, chief executive at Turn2us, said financial resilience across the UK was at an “all-time low” and called on ministers to establish a “long-term strategy” to support people as the economic crisis rolls on, or risk becoming a nation “surviving on credit”.

“Even if a vaccine for Covid-19 became available tomorrow, the damage has been done to people’s finances. People have spent their savings and used up their rainy day funds, there is nothing left,” he said.

Firstly, as I have to apparently keep saying: when they say “coronavirus did this,” they are lying. The virus did nothing, other than allegedly kill some people in their 80s and 90s in nursing homes. What destroyed the economy was the government decision to force businesses to close.

No one had ever heard of anything like this before. It is not some standard response to a virus. Up to four million people died of the 1957-58 Asian flu, up to four million people died of the 1968-69 Hong Kong flu. Not only was there no lockdown, but there was no suggestion of a lockdown, because no one had ever thought of doing something like this before.

Just imagine the number of divorces that are going to come out of this. That’s one issue that you can isolate, just to observe the microcosm of the damage these people are doing to our society.

They are creating a situation where there is going to be a tiny elite minority ruling over a massive mixed multitude of peasants.

The virus was released for this purpose. This is a plan that’s been building for a very long time.

This is all just obvious.

You need to get tapped in.

Remember: there are allegedly “right-wing” people on the internet who told you to believe in this, and surrender to the government.

Do you know what all of those people had in common?

None of them are Christians.

I think they’re probably also feds, but here’s the thing: they’re blinded by Satan.

Only Christians are able to see the truth about this hoax.