UK: HALF of Businesses Will Lay Off Staff Once Government Stops Sending Them Money

While people are getting offended by old statues, things are getting rougher on the economic front. Half of business are saying that once the government bucks stop coming in, they’ll lay off staff — and most of the other half of businesses will eventually realize that they’ll have to lay off staff too.

Daily Mail:

Half of businesses expect to lay off staff once furlough ends – amid fears the UK faces 1980s-style unemployment.

A poll of firms found 51 per cent say they will need to axe workers within three months of the government’s huge coronavirus bailout being withdrawn.

A fifth believe they will have to let 30 per cent or more of their employees go – while only 34 per cent are confident they will not have to make any redundancies.

The dire results in the YouGov survey of 503 business leaders underlines the scale of the looming pain for Britons in the worst recession for 300 years.

Some 9.1million jobs are now being supported by the furlough scheme, which covers 80 per cent of wages up to a ceiling of £2,500 a month.

Things are already in a catastrophic state. The only reason it may not seem like a total catastrophe right now is because the government is literally throwing the accumulated wealth of the country at workers in an attempt to hide the true extent of the problem.

But they cannot go on like this forever, and they’ll never accept that coronavirus is only as dangerous as the flu and that none of the lockdown stuff was ever needed, so they’ll eventually run out of money or radically change their approach to keeping people from rioting.

They may go for a massive presence of armed forces everywhere in order to keep hungry and angry people from threatening their plans.

It’s a good thing that people won’t riot over the government purposefully manufacturing an economic collapse. That could really be a problem.

The only things that can make people riot are black drug addicts dying of heart attacks and old statues.