UK: Half-Caste Beats Up White Teen on Street, Steals His Wallet

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2019

Reegan Fell.

The weird thing is that Reegan was walking with a friend when this happened.

What was his friend doing while Reegan was on the floor getting kicked by this savage mongrel?


A man has issued a warning to people walking around the city centre at night after he was “punched in the face for his wallet”.

Reegan Fell, 19, was “really shaken up” by the attack, which happened close to Liddell Street park at around 9.30pm on Monday.

The teenager had been walking with a friend, 18, when he was accosted by a man who ordered Reegan to hand over his wallet.

Reegan refused and was then beaten with a volley of cruel punches and kicks as he “curled up in a ball” to stop the man getting hold of his iPhone,.

His attacker, who he have never met, did manage to steal his wallet.

Reegan said: “It happened at about George Street park 9.30pm. I was with my mate and this guy just came up to me and told me to empty my pockets.

“I said something like ‘what you on about’ and he squared up to me and punched me a few times and dropped to the floor.

“He then started kicking me on the floor and had my iPhone hidden to the floor and he got my wallet out of my pocket.

“He nicked my bank card and took £350. I thought if he took my bank card then I could cancel it quick, but he’d already withdrawn the money.”

The man did not manage to steal Reegan’s mobile phone, however, the attacker grabbed a mobile phone out of the hand of his friend and also ran off with it.

Nursing his cut face, swollen nose, split lip and chipped teeth, Reegan is now on the mend but says he has been left “paranoid” to leave his home.

Reegan describes his attacker as around 5ft 10ins, of mixed race ethnicity and was wearing a black tracksuit with his hood up.

Humberside Police said that they are investigating the assault.

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