UK: Gross Hag Filmed Having Sex with a Complete Stranger in the Middle of a Flight

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2017

A 39-year-old dog was filmed apparently having sex – though she claims it was an innocent dry hump – with a complete stranger in the middle of a Ryanair flight as onlookers filmed and laughed. She should’ve been arrested for public lewdness but won’t be, because having a hole between your legs grants you adult privileges without adult consequences.

This kind of African behavior is common with single moms and used up spinsters, especially in the Anglosphere where women are always right. While these kinds of antics are associated with young women, it actually gets worse as they age due to father time constantly depreciating the value of their pussy.

They have nothing else to offer the world, so if you have muscles and tattoos they will expose their flabby sugary-carb & Mimosa body and start humping your leg until you finally agree to validate them.

The Sun:

A MYSTERY blonde filmed apparently romping with a stranger on a Ryanair flight is a mum-of-three, The Sun can reveal.

Shocking footage emerged of Tracey Bolton, 39, straddling Shaun Edmondson, 31, on board an Ibiza-bound flight last week.

The pair, who had just met that day, shocked onlookers with their boozed-up antics, which was caught on a camera phone and went viral.

Pals of café manager Tracey last night rallied around to defend her behaviour and insisted she was simply giving a lapdance, rather than full intercourse.

One close pal said: “Tracey is mortified that the video is doing the rounds on the internet.”

They added: “She has gone into hiding as she is getting all sorts of accusations thrown at her.

“She insists she wasn’t having sex with the guy, but admits it looks bad.”

Her dad Stephen Bolton said: “People are getting mixed up. They have got the wrong side of the story.”

The Sun revealed today how sous chef Shaun Edmondson now faces a grilling from fiancee Jenna Ross, 25, over his behaviour on the flight from Manchester to Ibiza on Thursday.

Pals say Canada-born Jenna, who has been with him for six years, is fuming at his behaviour.

People who counter-signal The Daily Stormer’s attack on feminism and modern female sexual behavior rarely say anything about the actual epidemic of white women Weimarizing our countries by behaving like niggers.

The worst part about this story is the father’s reaction. What kind of father defends his 39-year-old daughter behaving in this manner? It’s not enough that she is probably already a disappointment to her family, her father goes on the defensive rather than having some humility and apologizing to society for his daughter’s behavior.

She’s a 10…on

As for the man in question, this might just ruin his relationship. Men are a quarter (not half, since the government blocks men from asserting power over women) of the equation in the problem with women. In America and Britain, men of all types are so thirsty they have grown accustomed to banging women they should be embarrassed to be seen in public with. This emboldens aging thots to keep doing what they’re doing.

If you’re going to cheat on your fiancee in such a brazen and public manner in the age of the camera phone, at least make it worthwhile.