UK: Government’s Top Scientific Advisers Refuse to Publish Key Coronavirus Information

What are they hiding?

Why would they not publish information about coronavirus until the “pandemic” is over?

Wasn’t China accused of hiding information about coronavirus?

Daily Mail:

The Government’s top team of scientific advisers will not publish  key evidence used to advise Boris Johnson and his ministers through the coronavirus pandemic until it is over, it emerged today.

Sir Patrick Vallance, the Goverment’s chief scientific adviser and chairman of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), made the announcement in a letter to MPs.

It comes at a time when Sage’s advice to the Government is facing fresh scrutiny over a lack of widespread early testing and resistance to the idea of widespread facemask-wearing by the public.

The membership of the committee, which varies according to the nature of the emergency, is currently being kept a secret on security grounds amid claims that some suspected members had received threats.

In a letter to the Commons’ Science Committee, Sir Patrick said Sage met 20 times before the start of April to discuss Covid-19.

‘Sage will commit to informing the Committee in advance when new evidence is due to be published,’ he said.

‘Once Sage stops convening on this emergency the minutes of relevant Sage meetings, supporting documents and the names of participants (with their permission) will be published.’

But MPs criticised the secrecy. Senior Liberal Democrat Layla Moran said: ‘It is incredibly disappointing to hear that the Sage evidence guiding the Government will remain secret.

Only by publishing this evidence can ministers be scrutinised and held to account on their decisions.

‘The tone and quality of the debate improved dramatically following the publication of the Imperial College modelling, on which decisions were being made.

‘ I’m calling on the Government to think again.’

The Imperial College model was the “2.2 million will die in the US” hysterical gibberish based on nothing. Someone should have saged that.

Now they have real data, not stupid nonsense they pulled out of thin air, and it’s all a secret.

Coronavirus is not a plague.

It’s simply what most people would call the flu.

The government’s reaction to the fake virus crisis created a real crisis: an economic, psychological, and social crisis where people are losing their jobs, living in isolation, and being scared of a so-called pandemic.

Presumably, by extending the lockdown and social distancing rules, the government is buying time to figure out how to stop people from French Revolutionizing their asses once it becomes clear that there is really no reason why entire populations should be living as prisoners.

The most straightforward solution for the government’s problem would be to just keep fueling the virus hysteria, maintain the lockdown for an indefinite period of time, and make social distancing the new normal.

They can then give everyone free Netflix and weed to keep them “busy” during isolation.

MPs last week called for the cast list of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) to be made public so that people can see exactly who ministers are getting their advice from.

The government has rejected the calls, with sources claiming the names cannot be published because of security concerns amid reports of some experts receiving death threats.

But former SAGE members have questioned that argument, insisting it is ‘perfectly reasonable’ for people to know who sits on the committee which Boris Johnson is relying on to guide the government’s response to the outbreak.

They don’t want the public to know who the new rulers are. Because they will probably find them perverse.