UK Government to Require Vaxx Pass to Enter All Pubs and Restaurants

Oh boy, this is so arduous. I wish the government would just let us get computer chips implanted in our bodies that store all our personal data and monitor our health.

Do you remember “six weeks to flatten the curve”?

Well, now it’s permanent internal passports to go in a restaurant.


Sunday Times:

Covid-19 certificates will be required for customers to enter bars, restaurants and nightclubs under plans to tackle a fourth wave of the virus in a move that experts hope will boost jab rates among the young.

Entertainment venues in England would be forced to make customers use so-called vaccination passports from autumn, to prove that they had either had both doses or a negative test the day before. Recent figures have shown a reduction in the take-up of vaccines with first doses halving in two weeks. Fewer than 100,000 a day are being given out on average for the first time since April.

This was always the plan. It was the plan before you ever heard the word “coronavirus.”

What you are witnessing being rolled out is a complete plan.

This about accustoming you to being an absolute slave in your own country, to invisible financial and corporate entities, while making you believe that you’re simply engaging in pro-social behavior for the good of society at large.

This QR scanning app system was developed by Microsoft nearly a decade ago.

Imagine if in 2019, the government would have said:

Yeah so okay guys, we need you to install an app on your phone that tracks your entry and exit to every building, and we need you to scan your face also just to make sure. We just need to know where you’re going to be all the time so we can monitor you and study you, because we’ve decided we need to build an ultra high tech police state.

Basically, we’re also collapsing the economy, which will destroy all independent livelihoods and transfer massive wealth from the working and middle class to banks, international corporations, and billionaires. Also, we’re taking away all of your basic rights, and we’re going to start injecting you with experimental gene therapy treatments for a surprise purpose.

Anyway, we think some people might end up getting a bit cranky as a result of all these changes, so we really need to get into a situation where we’re doing realtime tracking of every breath you take. So just go ahead and install this app on your phone and start scanning these QR codes.

What do you think people would have said to that?

I mean, at this point, can it be any more obvious?

This was all clear from the beginning – to me at least. But now that we’re this deep in, how can anyone possibly deny it?

The coronavirus is a hoax. It was designed to create a global totalitarian police state.

Welcome to it.

Furthermore: you Americans who think this is over make me sick. Wake up and look around you. Do you think the United States has cooperated with every step of the process, just like Europe?

So why would they stop now?

I already wrote about this earlier today: in the United States, they’re going to use the “private companies” logic to force you into getting the vaxx pass just like they used it to take away your freedom of speech.

What is the difference between European hate speech laws and American monopoly tech Terms of Service? In real life, there is no difference.

  • In both cases, you can’t have a public conversation about any interesting topic.
  • In both Europe and America you can still sort of maybe post your thoughts in some comments section somewhere, or a small forum, or maybe some chatting app. In Europe, the worst case is that you could get charged with a crime and probably pay a fine (maybe do some jail time in the UK). In America, the worst case is that you get fired from your job and prevented from ever getting another one by anti-white hate activists. Both are bad enough outcomes that most people are too terrified to attach their name to anything.

The vaxx passport will be the exact same thing.

You will be able to weasel your way around it in Europe or America, but it will be very difficult and the punishments will be great. Most people will surrender.

You need to decide now one way or the other if you’re willing to see this through to the end. “The end” for some of you will be staring into a mass grave before a tranny mulatto behind you pulls the trigger and kicks you in.

The other option is surrendering the entirety of your humanity and your human soul to the satanic Jewish world order. The end of the line in that case is always eternal humiliation followed gradually by eternal damnation.

You need to decide now.

If you’re not willing to die or go to prison, then get the vaxx, drop out, give up – now.

You’re just gonna drag the rest of us down.