UK Government Partnering with Bill Gates to Do “Build Back Better” Globalist Plot


Build Back Better isn’t some kind of globalist conspiracy. Everyone just happened to decide this was the best phrase to use.

Also, the UK government is hiring Bill Gates to do Build Back Better for them.


Boris Johnson has announced a pricey tech partnership with Bill Gates, saying the pairing will set off a “green industrial revolution” capable of meeting Britain’s climate commitments and covering costs London couldn’t pay itself.

“We will only achieve our ambitious climate goals if we rapidly scale up new technologies in areas like green hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuels – technologies that seemed impossible just a few years ago,” the British PM gushed on Tuesday during a speech at a Global Investment Summit in London’s Science Museum ahead of the COP26 climate conference.

Alongside billionaire philanthropist Gates, the PM outlined a plan to deploy £400 million in investments in new green technologies, heralding the Microsoft founder’s cash as the key element in a development program that would otherwise be commercially unfeasible and thus too expensive for the government to undertake alone.

The partnership with a Gates-led coterie of private investors called Breakthrough Energy Catalyst would help advance the UK’s technological position in carbon capture and storage, green hydrogen tech, long-term battery life, and zero-carbon aviation (“jet zero”), Johnson explained, adding that the program would also bring “high-quality jobs” to the UK.

London has already pledged at least £200 million to developing new green technologies, while Microsoft founder Gates promised on Tuesday to match 10 Downing’s commitment with another £200 million via Breakthrough. The software tycoon had previously organized the group of investors to marshal large sums of money into ‘green’ projects.

Promising to scale up environmentally friendly projects and “bring down that cost,” Gates predicted his assistance could “get these [new green energy projects] to the same place we are today with solar and onshore wind, and so they can be scaled up to reduce emissions.”

Our partnership with the UK will accelerate the deployment of these critical climate solutions, helping to make them more affordable and accessible,” Gates added, explaining that to reach net zero, the cost of “clean technologies” had to be brought down to a point where it could compete with less-green types of energy currently in use.

The peasants are so ungrateful.

Bill Gates is trying to change the weather to make it colder so they don’t get all sweaty, but the peasants abuse him.

This is why we need to boost our democracy with a green pass.

These peasants are out of control with their baseless theories.

If we want to put science first, we need scientists like Bill Gates directing our government.

Bill Gates was one of the first people to recognize the threat of the coronavirus.

When Boris Johnson was talking to Gates about sacrificing goats, he was speaking of real science.

We have to sacrifice goats and possibly children if we want to change the weather for good.

If we don’t change the weather, people are going to start getting really sweaty in the next 12 years.

That’s why we have to shut everything down.

This is all scientific, and it’s totally normal.

The number one threat is not the bodies that are piling up in the street from this deadly coronavirus which has killed millions. The number one threat is the weather getting too hot.

This is science.

After meeting with Gates, Johnson extended the emergency lockdown by six months.

It’s science.