UK Government May Vaccinate Everyone Against Winter Flu So Hospitals Can Focus on Corona

“Time for your flu shot.”

The mandatory vaccination talk is official.

Government people in the United Kingdom are now looking into vaccinating everyone against the winter flu under the pretense of preventing the hospitals from being overwhelmed.

At this point, the idea that the hospitals will be overwhelmed is ridiculous.

We know that the hospitals were never overwhelmed because doctors and nurses spend most of their workday recording themselves dancing for social media.

Pictured: coronavirus patients overwhelming a hospital.

But even if overwhelmed hospitals were a possibility, why should they force anyone to get a vaccine?

People can make their own decisions.

Daily Mail:

Everyone in the UK may have to get the winter flu jab to prevent the NHS from getting overwhelmed this winter if coronavirus still poses a threat.

Government ministers have reportedly been advised to vaccinate all members of society by next winter for free, in an effort to free up hospital beds.

Under current policy, less than half of the population are eligible to a free flu jab.

The vaccine is currently free on the NHS for young children and those aged 65 or over.

The possibility of vaccines for everyone in the country is now being looked into by government scientists, the Sun reported.

It comes amid concerns a second wave of Covid-19 in the winter months could overwhelm hospitals if it coincides with an outbreak of the flu.

The lockdown shouldn’t be mandatory, and vaccinations shouldn’t be mandatory either.

If people are scared of the virus, they can choose to stay at home.

If people want to take a risk and leave their homes, they should be able to decide that.

The same applies to vaccinations.