UK: Government Forces Little White Girl to Live with Moslem Jihadist Terrorists and Learn Arabic

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2017

The new British education system: convert to Islam, learn Arabic and declare Jihad against the infidel.

At first, we were told the Moslems were going to come here to learn our language and culture and integrate into our society. We were told they’d abandon their barbaric desert religion when presented with the comforts and pleasures of Western society.

That didn’t happen.

Then we were told that we’d have a multicultural society, where everyone’s beliefs and cultural practices are equal and we’d all be able to preserve our own heritage.

That didn’t happen either.

What’s actually happening is that our own Western cultures are being eradicated and replaced with Islam with support from the state.


The parents of a five-year-old Christian girl forced to live with a fundamentalist Muslim family begged the council to allow her to stay with her grandmother as she became increasingly distressed.
The foster family, selected by the London borough of Tower Hamlets, removed the child’s crucifix necklace, wore full-face veils around her, spoken in Arabic which she did not understand, and banned her from consuming bacon, an investigation by The Times found.

This is completely outrageous.

No bacon?

Life isn’t worth living without it…

Her family has spent the past six months pleading with the council – which has previously been accused of corruption and favouring Muslim interests – to allow the girl to be cared for by family or friends.

Most recently, the council resisted a call to temporarily place her in the care of her grandmother.

The child’s distress was recorded by a Tower Hamlets employee who supervised regular meetings between the girl and her family. In a written report of one meeting, the contact supervisor described the girl as “very emotional and tearful”.

“She said they don’t speak English at the home, she doesn’t understand the Arabic words where she is. [The girl] said she wants to go back home to her [mother].”

One social services supervisor for Tower Hamlets described the child sobbing and begging not to be returned to the Muslim foster family because “she doesn’t understand the Arabic”.

Another employee heard the child whispering Arabic words to her mother that she was allegedly told must be said aloud to ensure that “when you die you go to heaven”.

Is there still any doubt that the state is filled with anti-White extremists?

How else could this be explained? I mean, who would be insane enough to place children in the care of foreigners who don’t even speak the native language at home.

And more importantly, why did the state remove this child from her Christian parent’s care? It’s obvious that neither the parents nor the child want to be separated. It’s not unheard of in Europe to remove children from the care of Christian parents if the authorities suspect they’re teaching traditional values.

That they would then place the kids in the care of Moslem terrorist just seem par for the course by now.