UK: Government Coronavirus Data is “Nonsense,” DHSC Epidemiologist Says

Government clowns listen to clown experts, while ignoring the experts who put the Doom Virus narrative in jeopardy with their facts and data. There is no comprehensive data on how many epidemiologists agree with the lockdown, but several heavily credentialed members of that particular scientific community have come out and publicly stated that they don’t know anyone who agrees with it and they don’t even understand where the government is finding these scientists.

Well, we know where the US government found Anthony Fauci – he hoaxed the AIDS hoax in the 80s and 90s, claiming that the virus had nothing to do with homosexuality and it was only a matter of time before heterosexuals started getting it in mass. Then he went to work for Bill Gates, which is how he got the job he has now, running the lockdown in the US.

We also know where Neil Ferguson came from: his research at Imperial College London was also funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

These are not real scientists. They are agents of Bill Gates who were hired by the government to implement a new totalitarian system.

Real scientists do not support this hoax.

So far, I’m not aware of one single epidemiologist who is directly linked to the government and/or Bill Gates who agrees with this lockdown, or the lunatic data that is being put forward by the government.

Epidemiologist expert Tim Spector, who is a professor and head of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, claims that most coronavirus cases are going undiagnosed and that the government data on coronavirus cases is “nonsense.”

And get this: he actually is employed by the government!

Daily Mail:

The government’s refusal to recognise symptoms like a loss of taste or smell has led to two thirds of cases going undiagnosed, a leading epidemiologist has claimed.

Tim Spector, professor at King’s College London, said the failure to acknowledge the symptoms has led to statisticians collecting data which is ‘nonsense’.

Professor Tim Spector

The Government has listed a fever temperature and a persistent cough as primary symptoms of the killer virus.

But there is growing evidence that a loss of taste and smell are tell-tale signs of infection.

Other nations, like the US, have revised their guidelines to include the symptom and help doctors spot patients.

Officially, just 212,000 Britons have been diagnosed with confirmed coronavirus  – but millions of cases have been missed because of a lack of mass testing.

Professor Spector told The Times: ‘Only people with those two symptoms got tested and ended up on the statistics.

All this governmental data on confirmed cases and how many people have recovered, it’s all nonsense.

He added: ‘The reason that we got a bit stuck in this country is we took the data from China and just instantly said, “OK, the disease only has two symptoms: it’s fever or it’s persistent cough.” That meant we were missing about 60 per cent of cases.’

Professor Spector has been working with the Department of Health and Social care on a tracking app, which has been sending 10,000 users Covid-19 tests each week within days of them showing symptoms.

Professor Spector has collected data from three million Britons on the app and said the loss of smell and taste has been a recurring symptom.

Other findings from the symptom-tracker data suggest the virus could have arrived on British shores as early as January, and as many as one in 10 people may have been infected.

They also estimate that two million people were infected with the respiratory illness at the start of January, dropping to 300,000 at the start of May.

Downing Street’s own scientific advisers have previously said as much as 10 per cent of London (900,000 people) had already been infected.

Spector doesn’t even mention asymptomatic cases.

According to data from Iceland, half of infected people show no symptoms at all.

Data from California suggests that a lot of people had the virus without even realizing it.

A study in New York City (now three weeks old) showed that 1/5th of the population had been infected at some point. Millions of people certainly did not go to the hospital for this infection.

The death numbers are also an utter hoax. Not only does no epidemiologist agree with the way the government is doing the denominator, they disagree with how they’re doing the numerator.

I don’t know how they’re keeping track of this in the UK, but I assume it’s similar to what the US is doing. In the US, the CDC ordered hospitals to record any potential death related to coronavirus as being caused by coronavirus. Further, Anthony Fauci’s henchman Madam Birx – another AIDS hoaxer who has received big money from Bill Gates – announced that anyone who tested positive would be counted as a coronavirus death even if they died of something else.

All the way back in March, Dr. John Ioannidis, one of the only celebrity epidemiologists in America whose reputation was impeccable before the media started calling him a conspiracy theorist over this coronavirus hoax, noted that we have to draw a distinction between dying of coronavirus and dying with coronavirus.

Many people are getting this virus while they’re at the hospital to be treated for something that was going to kill them anyway. I missed the story when it happened, but back in March the media reported that a guy who fell off a ladder died of coronavirus.

This was the headline:

Then when you read into the text, you find this:

Lehigh County Coroner Eric Minnich confirmed the patient died Friday night at St. Luke’s University Hospital in Fountain Hill. He said the primary cause of the man’s death was a head injury from a fall at home, but that the virus may have contributed to his death.

The entire body of data they are presenting to the public is fake.

This virus is in the same threat category as the flu.

These government scientists are pushing the agenda of the government, which is to lock everyone in their houses, collapse the economy and implement a bizarre high-tech police state where everyone is tracked and monitored everywhere they go, you have no basic rights, there is no law, and you can be disappeared in the night for any or no reason.

We have to protest.

Once this beast system is locked in place, it’s going to be a whole lot harder to get out of than it was to get in.

I can promise you that every person who fails to protest now is going to live to regret that decision.