UK: Government Can’t Tell People When Lockdown Exit Strategy Will be Revealed

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson

The government is not being explicit about how and when the lockdown will begin to be eased, probably because politicians are still trying to figure out a way out of the economic mess that they’ve created.

Daily Mail:

Gavin Williamson tonight dismissed calls to spell out an ‘exit strategy’ from coronavirus lockdown – despite claims ministers want schools to reopen after May 11.

The Education Secretary defied a growing clamour for clarity, insisting he could not ‘give a date’ for pupils to get back to the classroom.

The comments came amid the first signs a blueprint is being hatched within government to ease lockdown misery, although the Cabinet appears split over whether to risk more deaths from the disease to save the plunging economy.

Mr Williamson told the daily Downing Street briefing he was sorry that children were having to suffer through the crisis and have their education interrupted. But he said the UK had not yet met five tests – including NHS capacity being high enough, widespread testing being in place, and the threat of a second peak reduced.

I can’t give you a date. Because before we do that we need to meet five tests,’ he said.

The fledgling plan would see the country get back up in running in stages after May 11, with primary, GCSE pupils, and nurseries potentially going back part-time.

It looks like people are being trained to be prisoners.

They’re being trained to accept that they no longer have the freedom to leave their homes whenever they like and that they have to comply with random stupid measures in order to meet “tests” that will allow them to get more freedoms — freedoms that they already had before this coronavirus madness!

“Behave and you may gain the privilege of going outside.”

All of this looks like a global social experiment kind of test where people are trained to comply with their new reality as inmates.

Maybe this is what powerful people are really after: to run the world as a prison where people are only allowed limited outings under extreme digital surveillance.

It’s amazing how this nightmarish scenario became real so fast.