UK Government BANS HAVING SEX with People from Another Household!

“Evolution cannot be stopped.” — the UK Government.

Following the recent “you can look, but you cannot touch” approach to meeting with people for exercise, the Collector General United Kingdom’s government is moving forward with its quest to assume direct control over people’s bodies.

New government regulations for social interaction make it effectively illegal to have sex with people from another household.

Daily Mail:

Six-in-ten Britons haven’t had sex during lockdown a new study reveals today – as new guidelines come into force making the chances of a fling even less likely, with two people from different households banned from gathering in any private place.

The study found that just 39.9 per cent of UK adults have been ‘sexually active’ during the coronavirus crisis as self isolation and social distancing have played havoc with love lives.

And the new coronavirus regulation says: ‘No person may participate in a gathering which takes place in a public or private place indoors, and consists of two or more persons.’

Previous regulations didn’t include wording about private places but now only those with ‘reasonable excuses’ are allowed to gather privately – and sex in a public place is already illegal.

Reasonable excuses include elite athletes, people attending funerals, vulnerable people, workers and separated parents seeing their children – not those looking for sex.

Just like the lockdown is alleged to be saving people’s lives but is actually destroying them, these new “guidelines” are alleged to keep people safe — and they will work, because no one ever in the entire history of mankind has ever been willing to risk safety for sex.

Coronavirus is about as dangerous as the flu and virtually all of its victims are very old, sick people who would have died of something else anyways. None of these things that the government is doing have any kind of scientific basis — they’re literally using projections and predictions to push their total control agenda while blatantly ignoring what the actual data says.

University of East Anglia researchers have already come out to state that the lockdown is useless, and a J.P. Morgan study shows that in most places, infections decreased after lifting the lockdown, which suggests that the immunosuppressant effect of forcing people to stay inside, combined with the supermarket loophole, may have actually increased the spread.

Despite all of the facts about the non-threatening nature of coronavirus, the government keeps pumping out these insane social distancing rules left and right.

It is clear they have an agenda, and just like they’ve taken all of your rights from you, they also want to take your bodily autonomy away.

But for your own good, of course.

“Sentient beings need never fear pain.”