UK: Government Announces MONTHS-LONG Plan to End Lockdown, Urges Scared People to Work

Boris Johnson addressed the United Kingdom and told people that the government will begin”easing” some of the lockdown restrictions in an attempt to get people back to work, but warns that if the coronazombie virus infects more people, they’ll revert back into full lockdown mode in order to prevent a second Raccoon City.

We’ve learned that lesson.

Ultimately, this kind of announcement about ways out of the lockdown that require people to follow a specific set of rules, is likely designed to have the same effect that all of the previous announcements about the duration of the lockdown had.

Just like they extended the lockdown multiple times, they can revert the easing of the lockdown at any time alleging that the virus has started to spread again.

This is a form of psychological abuse.

Daily Mail:

Boris Johnson urged the country to go back to work tonight as he finally set out his tentative three-stage ‘exit plan’ from coronavirus lockdown – with schools potentially reopening from next month.

In a TV address to the nation from Downing Street as the UK’s united front threatens to crumble, the PM paid tribute to the ‘sacrifice’ of Britons in reining in the killer disease, and insisted the government’s top priority is to ensure those efforts are not ‘thrown away’.

But while he stressed the need for caution, Mr Johnson delivered a striking message about ‘colossal’ impact on our ‘way of life’ and the importance of getting the economy up and running, amid fears that the draconian restrictions are causing the worst recession in 300 years.

From tomorrow anyone who cannot work from home – even if they are not carrying out an essential function – is being ‘actively encouraged’ to return to their duties. Mr Johnson said they should try not to use public transport, and safety guidance had been developed for businesses, but in a clear signal he said: ‘Work from home if you can, but you should go to work if you can’t work from home.’

It may be too late for that.

Britain’s biggest unions are thinking about telling workers to refuse to work unless workplaces can guarantee their safety from viruses. Many people in the United Kingdom appear to have fallen for the coronavirus Doom Virus hoax, and are actually afraid of going out and interacting with other people.

This is what happens when you tell people that they need to stay home because there’s a Doom Virus around.

When you tell them to go back to work, they ask you, “but what about that Doom Virus tho?”

Indeed, what about that Doom Virus?

Coronavirus is still around.

It is only as dangerous as the flu, but people are not being told that.

As long as the government doesn’t come clean with the fact that they destroyed the economy and locked people up in their homes because of a flu-tier virus, there’ll be workers who are afraid to go back to work.

Mr Johnson insisted the wider lockdown will remain in place, including ‘social distancing’ rules for people to be two metres apart where possible, and fines will even be increased – with details to be fleshed out to Parliament tomorrow. He said the critical R number is currently estimated at between 0.5 and 1, and the ‘brakes’ could be put on if the situation deteriorates in areas.

However, he said sunbathing and unlimited outdoor exercise – even if it is not local to your home – will be permitted from Wednesday. Sports such as tennis and golf can happen, albeit only within your own household.

And his ‘road map’ makes clear that as long as the battle against the disease is succeeding, primary schools could start opening from the beginning of next month, with reception, Year 1 and Year 6 the first to go back.

A DefCon-style system is being introduced to describe the country’s outbreak condition, with the UK currently being at the second most serious rating of four.

More shops could reopen in June – and Mr Johnson even suggested that some parts of the hospitality industry could be making a comeback by July.

The premier insisted that the steps were all ‘conditional’ on the outbreak remaining under control and there were ‘big Ifs’ about what can happen. ‘It depends on all of us – the entire country – to follow the advice, to observe social distancing, and to keep that R down,’ he said.

After depriving people of the right to leave their homes, to work, and to have a social life, they’re telling people that if they want to keep the tiny bits and pieces of rights that they’re allegedly about to get back, they have to comply with the government in a flawless manner.

That’s what they were really after all along: to get people to comply with the new totalitarian way of life.